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Activities to enhance learning - Essay Example

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Technology can be used to enhance learning and education. Traditional classrooms are increasingly being replaced by virtual classrooms in the globalized education system. Some of the systems that can be used in the promotion of online learning include the use of the audience response systems and clickers…
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Activities to enhance learning
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Extract of sample "Activities to enhance learning"

Download file to see previous pages Technology can be used to enhance learning and education. Traditional classrooms are increasingly being replaced by virtual classrooms in the globalized education system. Some of the systems that can be used in the promotion of online learning include the use of the audience response systems and clickers. At the same time, advanced institutions are using simulation in the laboratories to prepare the students from the professional market experiences. Distance learning happens when the learner is separated from the teacher geographically and time-wise. According to instructional technology, distance learning is the process of extending resource sharing opportunities to other classrooms through the use of video and multimedia communications. This essay aims at having a creative look into the online activities that enhance student learning, assessment and engagement through critical thinking. These analytical suggestions can greatly improve the learning outcomes of the N534 course. The Internet is one of the most important media when it comes to online learning environment and technology. Online learning especially in nursing is known to reduce time and space barriers in the process of learning. Online learning can be entirely electronic or a hybrid of learning environments. Hybrid learning tends to combine virtual learning strategies with face-to-face learning. The Internet is known to have introduced the concept of pluralisation of place. This means that persons and participate in multiple environments using a virtual atmosphere. In the case of online learning, the instructor is responsible for moderating and mentoring students. However, the students are expected to have a strong self-drive. The e-learning atmosphere is known to provide a platform for students’ discussions across the continents (Allen, 2007). Students in a nursing class can access online resources, share important documents through online applications and submit examination in the online classroom (Bonk & Zhang, 2008). Technology has allowed online students to interact with faculties and mentors. In the online learning environment, materials are presented through videotaping, audio taping, and links to websites. There are interactive websites designed to host online learning environments (Bonk & Zhang, 2008). In the case of learning environments, the interaction can be real-time, which is also known as synchronous, or asynchronous. Synchronous online interactions entail the use of chat room in the process of teaching (Allen, 2007). This involves typing. Asynchronous communication means leaving messages that others can read in their convenience (Shea-Schultz & Fogarty, 2002). In the online learning strategy, the entire programs and group courses are offered online. Online learners can attend virtual universities like California Virtual University. There are unique materials that serve as a means of promoting online learning and teaching. Successful learning must be assessed on a regular basis. The method of learning has a great impact in the process of learning (Bonk & Zhang, 2008). The entire process and assessment of learning require substantial institutional and financial investment. Institutions must invest in faculty development, infrastructure, and equipment. Technology aided teaching strategies dramatically affect the way teaching and learning occurs. This challenges the traditional relationship between academic institutions and students. Students must be encouraged to participate in the learning process. This entails inviting them to speak in the classroom (Shea-Schultz & Fogarty, 2002). This learning strategy can have a profound effect if the teacher creates a safe environment for the students to learn. The teacher is expected to summarize discussion from time to time. This helps in highlighting key points and allows students to follow on the discussion (Allen, 2007). Th ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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