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Trends That Influence Effective Learning - Assignment Example

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Trends that Influence Effective Learning Name Institution Trends that Influence Effective Learning Instructional design involves developing learning experiences that will enable effective acquisition of knowledge and skills. The needs of a learner should be considered, and ways of intervening so as to enhance learning in institutions…
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Trends That Influence Effective Learning
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"Trends That Influence Effective Learning"

Download file to see previous pages Proper instructional design should promote the transfer of information from the known to the unknown to enable learners to link up the current to the past, and be able to prepare for the future. The efficiency of every trend of instruction should be evaluated scientifically, or through observations to ensure significant results that may facilitate easy transition of knowledge and skills. Promoting performance in education, one should come up with various instructional blueprint models such as the ADDIE process. This paper shall indicate how this model of instruction promotes instruction. According to Morrison et al (2010) ADDIE process was established in the University of Florida, and was meant for military training servicemen, who needed curriculum development processes. Its present version was developed, and revised in mid 1980’s. ADDIE process involves the five treads founded in this model. They include; analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluation. These five steps have an influence that will enable effective learning. Analyze; this involves an instructor collecting information concerning the learners, identifying the topics, and the content that should be covered. It is in this step that the instructors give a layout of the projects objectives that need to be achieved. This enhances and gives meaning to the content since it makes learning to be relevant and achievable. Objectives serve as pointers of goal setting in education. When an instructor is developing a pedagogical way of delivering information, one must ensure that he comes up with objectives that need to be addressed. In cases, where these goals are not met, then learning may not have taken place. Therefore, for useful learning and teaching to be identified proper tools and materials should be applied to improve instruction. Design; this is the second step that enables instructional designers to develop their projects using the information received from the analysis stage. It is at this point that the instructor shows how he plans to ensure that learning has been achieved. The content is broken down in to basic units that can be easily understood by learners. The instructors use elementary concepts as foundations to build complex ideas. In addition, the instructor shows activities which will involve learners that will portray an achievement of goals in education. Develop; this is where activities that need to be implemented are identified and developed for effective leaning. Materials that should be used in the design are collected and brought together. The instructor, at this level makes sure that the models for the design are available to enhance the achievement of the goals. Implement; content is the subject matter that the instructor intends to pass to the learners. This suggests that content is a significant factor to be considered, when designing teaching approaches. Therefore, it is at this stage that the content is build up together with the tools and materials of learning that are needed to facilitate the transition of knowledge and skills (Morrison et al 2010). Evaluate; as mentioned above, goals indicate the route map, and the foundation of effective learning. They guide the instructors on how to deliver their content to the learners. Therefore, assessment of these goals is necessary to test the achievement of the learning process. According to Morrison et al (2010), content should be in agreement with the goals ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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