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Nurse Educators Perceptions Using Simulation in Teaching: Change in Technology - Essay Example

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It is particularly valued in nurse education because it is thought to “replicate clinical practices in a safe environment” (Cant & Cooper, 2010, p. 3)…
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Nurse Educators Perceptions Using Simulation in Teaching: Change in Technology
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"Nurse Educators Perceptions Using Simulation in Teaching: Change in Technology"

Download file to see previous pages Currently, simulation activities are used in the nursing department to help students understand what they need to do in various nursing situations. The college provides students with preparation for real patient interactions through their patient simulators which are designed to provide the “knowledge, skill, and training required to enter, or continue growing, in the nursing practice” (Ma, 2012, par. 3). Simulation has become a very important aspect of training nurses and helping them understand the needs of their patients. Also, simulation can provide a opportunities for students to gain understanding, through simulation, by allowing them to experience and function in an environment, which is appropriate to the real situation. It assists students to understand problems that may arise during their careers and to respond in a safe and effective manner to meet these challenges
Research has been done on the use of simulation in a wide variety of fields. In nursing Cant and Cooper (2010, p. 3) note that it is popular on training programs but that “its effectiveness is unknown.” A question remains, therefore, regarding how well this information gathered through a simulation exercise translates to the real life situation. The focus of this research will be to understand the lived experience of faculty members who are using simulation in the classroom. It will use a phenomenological design and face-to-face interviews will be conducted with 15 nurse educators.
Beuchesne and Douglas (2011) state that simulation in nursing has happened over time as a way to help teach students work more effectively with patients and to improve quality care. Simulation has also been used to provide a safe way for new nursing students to gain an understanding of how to practice as a nurse, and it helps them to reduce the number of errors that occur with patients (Beuchesne & Douglas, 2011). Errors offer a significant opportunity for learning, particularly when they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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