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TEP Theory Analysis - Coursework Example

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TEP Theory Analysis Grade Course (1st, Nov, 2012) TEP Theory Analysis Introduction Various theories have been put forward to explain, hypothesize and guide the nursing practice. The following is a summary, analysis and critique of Jean Orlando’s Nursing Theory…
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TEP Theory Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Theory Description Scope of the theory The scope of Orlando’s Nursing Theory is low-to-medium level, and is consistent with the medium range theories, which are narrow than the grand theories. Purpose of Theory The purpose of the theory is to define the nursing process, with a focus on the systematic process of delivering care to patients that is goal driven and patient-centered (Kennedy & Lee, 2008). Origin of Theory Orlando’s Nursing Theory (1961), was developed from deliberative research Jean Orlando was undertaking as an associate professor at the Yale School of Nursing, regarding the integration of the mental health concepts in the basic curriculum for teaching nursing (Potter, 2004). She deliberated on the correct nature of the relationship between patients and nurses, and eventually developed the theory, which was published in her book, The Dynamic Nurse-Patient Relationship in 1961 (Faust, 2002). She focused on the nursing process that should be applied when giving patients medical care. Jean Orlando concluded that the nursing process should follow a systematic process, which is patient focused and achievement oriented. She held that nurses, as opposed to other medical professionals, should give patients a range of care services (Kennedy & Lee, 2008). ...
All these concepts make up the nursing care process, and are elaborated under Orlando’s Nursing Theory. Major Theoretical Propositions 1. The role of a nurse extends beyond that of a mere medical professional. A nurse should find out, understand and comprehensively evaluate a patient’s need. The evaluation should go beyond the health needs of the patient, to include their mental, physical, emotional and psychological state (Kennedy & Lee, 2008). Thus, a nurse should focus on accurately assessing the situation of the patient, with a view to understanding the causative factors of a patient’s health condition and the relevant interventions that can mitigate the condition, besides medication (Potter, 2004). 2. A patient’s need is not superficial. While the patient may seem to require certain kind of help, it could be just a symptom indicating the underlying interventions that are necessary to help the patient recover fully (Faust, 2002). Therefore, a nurse should go an extra mile and assess the needs of a patient accurately, since deteriorated health state could be an indication of the mental, emotional and psychological suffering that the patient has been experiencing (Kennedy & Lee, 2008). Thus, the assessment of a patient’s condition requires a nurse to be concerned and focused on the holistic welfare of the patient. 3. Accurate assessment of a patient’s condition calls for a nurse’s full integration into the patient condition. Thus, nurses need to use all the informative tips available, including their perception and thoughts on such perceptions, to diagnose fully a patient’s situation (Faust, 2002). Therefore, nurses should engage their feelings and perceptions about a patient condition to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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TEP Theory Analysis Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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