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Nursing Practice Concept Analysis - Essay Example

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This essay describes the nursing practice concept and defines three steps in the nursing process, such as determining what the patients need, determining what to do about the need, and meeting the patients need. These steps became a major concept in theory, The Dynamic Nurse-Patient Relationship…
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Nursing Practice Concept Analysis
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Extract of sample "Nursing Practice Concept Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages She felt the patients behavior often represented a plea for help but that plea may not be what it seems to be, therefore the nurse also needed to be able to assess that behavior. The nurses perception and thoughts would help her accomplish that.
The major dimensions of the theory are function of professional nursing (organizing principle, presenting behavior (problematic situation), immediate reaction (internal response), nursing process discipline (investigation) and improvement or resolution (current, 2009). Orlando felt that here work was a search for facts about what the purpose of nursing was (Faust, 2002). In 1961, she wrote, "the purpose of nursing is to supply the help a patient requires in order for his needs to be met "(Orlando, 1961, pg 8). This is a more straight forward way of saying what the chosen concept says. Orlando's concept of care includes three pieces. Those are, the behavior of the patient, the reaction of the nurse, and the nursing action used to benefit the need of the patient.
Practically, the concept is definitely used in the nursing process of care throughout healthcare. The functions of professional nursing work essentially this way. Nursing must find and meet the patients immediate need for help. This is part of the nursing need to remain responsive to individuals who are suffering in some way or in the need to anticipate a feeling of helplessness from patients. It remains focused on the process of caring for those that need a nurses help now as in an acute setting. However, at the same time, the focus allows for determining the need for assistance to those that are in other settings so nurses are able to determine and relieve, diminish, or cure the helpless feeling that patients have...
This essay focuses on analyzing of the Dynamic Nurse-Patient Relationship theory that stresses the relationship between the nurse and the patient and how the process she uses meets the need of the patient. This essay will discusses the concept of this theory made by Ida Jean Orlando and use it in context of today's nursing arena. Today’s nursing process is essentially based on Orlando’s theories and this essay reviews three case studies and how this concept works in those studies. Ida Jean Orlando developed her theory in the 1950's. She used a category of "good" nursing and “ bad” nursing. Her theory is that the nurse has the role of discovering and meeting the patient's immediate needs. The most basic concept to her theory is that,” the nursing process describes the nurses reactions to patients behavior, thought and feeling in the nurse and then action by the nurse”. She felt the patients behavior often represented a plea for help but that plea may not be what it seems to be, therefore the nurse also needed to be able to assess that behavior. The author of the theory knew that nursing as well as the process of nursing needed to be identified. Once she did that however, her theory became the foundation for solving patient need as well as the structure that many other theories are built on. The researcher states that the reader can see it from the case studies presented in the essay that her theory can easily be applied in many different situations during the day of the common health care facility worker today. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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