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Sexual harrassament at work - Research Proposal Example

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These include requests for sexual favors, obscene remarks, and physical and verbal conduct with sexual undertones that creates…
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Sexual harrassament at work
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Extract of sample "Sexual harrassament at work"

Download file to see previous pages Different countries in various regions of the world have their own interpretation of sexual harassment and what it entails or qualifies to be defined as such. European countries gravitate towards widening the definition criteria to encompass a wide range of aspects like health and safety perspective, discrimination and dignity perspective. There is a need to develop and establish an all-encompassing moral and ethical framework to address, guide and deal with the factors contributing to sexual harassment and/or discrimination in the work place.
The creation of a moral and ethical framework to combat sexual harassment in the work place should be conducted under consideration of the underlying factors and issues that create opportunities for sexual harassment to take place. This is in the sense that there exist moral and ethical attitudes in society that promote and/or encourage discrimination based on sex to occur (Boland, 2005). The formulation of an ethical and moral framework to tackle sexual harassment should include other factors like the subordination of women in the work place, and gender disparity (Roa, 2007). Human resource departments and managers should formulate and establish applicable workplace frameworks that address all discrimination manifestations. This will work towards eliminating all contributing factors that predispose individuals to discrimination of any ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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