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Critically evaluate theoretical explanations of motivation that we have learnt about in this module week 4 lecture - Essay Example

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In general, these theories are classified into content theories of motivation and process theories (Hoffmann, 2007; Miner, 2012). The content theories of motivation include the humanist theory and theory X and Y,…
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Critically evaluate theoretical explanations of motivation that we have learnt about in this module week 4 lecture
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Extract of sample "Critically evaluate theoretical explanations of motivation that we have learnt about in this module week 4 lecture"

Download file to see previous pages tors within an individual and the environment in ways that determine the nature of outcomes and the level of attachment between the agent and the task.
Content theories are concerned with the causative agents of behavior. The humanist theory explores the subject of motivation alongside Maslow’s theory of needs. The processes of motivation, according to the theory depend on the sequential pursuit of needs in accordance with the hierarchy determined by Maslow (1970). Understanding of humanist needs must begin with the comprehension of the processes of adjustment, which takes place whenever some form of inequilibrium occurs. In general, such processes entail a determination of a range of issues that affect the state of equilibrium of needs. Essentially, groups and individuals will seek to adjust themselves and situations around them in ways that minimize the effects of stress.
Motivation, in the sense of humanist theory, is understood as some kind of kinetic force the offers the necessary propulsion in an individual or a group towards the attainment of some specified goals, which are consistent with their needs (Ahlstrom & Bruton, 2009, p. 61). One of the characteristics of motivation is that it seeks the determination of goals based on the particular needs of the individual. The pursuit of motivation is considered a subject endeavor arising out of the unique needs of the individual (Miner, 2007, p. 40). For instance, an individual aspiring to attain a certain level of professional competence will invest more efforts in training and practical experience in a consistent and orderly manner. On this score, it becomes appropriate to consider the fact that some of the goals achieved through the efforts as understood within the humanist theory are suited for particular motives and limited to certain subjective interests.
In essence, the humanist needs work in such a manner that individuals will seek to satisfy some pressing basic needs before focusing on other kinds of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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