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Staffing & Talent Management F12 Assignment #3 - Essay Example

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The Organisation that focuses toward high performance, customer and employee retention and a steadily growing customer base in the market should have a very strategized approach in their day to day business as well as long term plans.
In order to ensure an effective leadership…
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Staffing & Talent Management F12 Assignment #3
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Extract of sample "Staffing & Talent Management F12 Assignment #3"

The Organisation that focuses toward high performance, and employee retention and a steadily growing base in the market should havea very strategized approach in their day to day business as well as long term plans.
In order to ensure an effective leadership the organisation structure should be effective, individual objectives should fit into the larger organisational objectives. One way of doing this is by implementing the “Three Leadership Contribution Areas” to nurture, monitor and parameterise performance in individuals.
The three Leadership Contribution Areas are based on the nature of organisation, nature of business and organisational priorities. Most organisations in today’s world are high profit seeking business partners. They have their plans, objectives and actions aligned with financial goals in mind. Therefore for such organisation, strategic monitoring of performance by the leadership is very important.
The 3 leadership contribution areas for aggressive market-oriented, customer-oriented, profit seeking Multi National Organisation are:
1. Business Developer.
This is the contribution area registering the contribution made by employees in the area of their core competency. This accounts for the main work that give the organisation its “bread butter”. For an IT organisation, it is developing applications, building software, providing software solution consultancy etc. For manufacturing companies it could be throughput of manufacturing operation, reduction of waste, optimisation of processes. For a public service company it could be generating ideas related to a particular field, implementation of internal projects, ability to cut down on departmental expenses etc.
2. People Developer
This is the leadership contribution area responsible for training and development of staff. This parameter is necessary for understanding the impact of leaders on their team and peers. It measures training and motivation efficiency, it calibrates and provides a benchmark for trainings to be taken and leadership roles to be undertaken in order to ensure growth of the organisation.
3. Value Creator
It is a crucial area that registers responsibilities taken over and above current responsibilities. It encompasses the qualities of ownership, accountability, customer satisfaction and dedication towards achieving 100 % customer satisfaction score keeping in mind larger topics like: future business, long term goals, long lasting customer relationships, joint efforts, partnerships, forecasted future financial benefit etc. Value Creator contribution area also records the value addition that an employee brings to his work through added effort out of the set of assigned results.
( 2012)
Coaching and Mentoring: Career Counselling
Apart from this the leadership model should include career counselling. Each employee as per this model should have one career counsellor assigned to help the employee with career related decision, questions and issues In short the career counsellor should ideally be a person two levels higher (skip level employee) that the counselee and be an instrumental in chalking out the career path of the employee. And annual review discussion, followed by a Career Development Plan and a subsequent list of trainings and development fall under the purview of this “Career Counselling Program” ( 2012)
High Performance leaderships is engulfed with today’s buzzword: “The Emotional Quotient”
More than the Intelligent Quotient it is the Emotional Quotient, the ability to build better relations at work, the ability to understand relationship dynamics, juniors, senior, peers , the way the work, different temperaments attitudes and mindsets is very important. These make up the emotional quotient of a leader.
Periodic Programs for Emotional Quotient:
1. Program on Team Building Skilss
2. Program on Soft Skills
3. Program on Stress Free Productivity through better emotional understanding
Such leadership development program helps in preparing the leaders of today take on the challenges of tomorrow.
High Performance Talent leadership is all about encouraging and motivating employees. It is about providing the right opportunities to the right set of people. Therefore a formidable inventory of assignable skills, capabilities and specialities should be available to develop a talent pipeline.
Works Cited: “Accenture: Developing Accenture Leaders to Manage a Culture of High Performance”. 28 Nov. 2012. Web 28 Nov. 2012.
Retrieved From:
Talent Leadership Model
This is an appropriate talent leadership model because it is based on continuous learning and development and induces leadership skills in people at all levels through mentoring program, through counselling program and through learning and development opportunities. In this model the three leadership contribution areas of: Business Operator, People Developer and Value creators have different levels of importance depending on the designation and career level. For senior leadership it is people development that matter the most. For junior level employee, business operator matters more. The involvement of the Learning and Development and the three tier architecture of the human resources together with a ” Matrix Management system” as opposed to a “Pyramid Model” is most powerful. This is certainly a recommended model for my organisation due to its appropriateness and consideration of the present day human resources issues. The real business gain of implementing this talent leadership model is that it brings visible results for people within the organisation and the client, by delivering high performance consistently at all career levels. Read More
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