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Meanwhile, the human resource of any organization has been noted to be an important determinant for succeeding in a competitive global environment (Silzer & Dowell,…
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Application: Talent Pipeline
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School: Topic: Application: Talent Pipeline Lecturer: Into the future, globalization is expected to intensifythe extent of competition that exists among companies. Meanwhile, the human resource of any organization has been noted to be an important determinant for succeeding in a competitive global environment (Silzer & Dowell, 2010). With this noted, it can certainly be said that the extent of competitiveness among organizations for talent in the future will increase when compared to what prevails currently. The reason for making this claim is in the close relation between human resource and talent for the organization. Using the concept of talent pipeline, it would be noted that organizations create talent pipeline by identifying multiple channels that makes it possible for them to identify and develop internal and external candidates who align with the organizational strategy (Felps et al., 2009). Meanwhile, these candidates come to form the eventual human resource base of the organization. It is against this backdrop that it can be debated that the competitiveness for talent in the future will be intensified because organizations will use both internal and external pipelines to find the best talents that help them achieve the varying goals that they set.
As the competitiveness for talent intensifies, it is expected that organizations will put in place the right principles that make it possible to land on the right talents for their strategies. One such principle is to align the talent pipeline with the organization’s strategy to ensure that the talent that comes on board is one that helps to achieve the organizational strategy. It is also important that the talent pipeline will aim at hiring for the present as well as for the future (Greenberg & Sweeney, 2010). This principle is very important to ensure continuity, retention and longevity among the human resource base of the organization. Another principle is the need to see talent management as a core business process that improves the overall business success. By this, reference is being made to the need to continue with talent management even after the talent pipeline has been built (Felps et al., 2009). The last principle that will be touched on is the need to measure the talent pipeline to be sure that it is achieving the purpose for which it was built.
It was mentioned as part of the principles of the need for the organization to ensure that its talent management becomes a core business process. This means that aligning talent pipeline to talent management initiatives are very crucial for realizing the goals for which talent pipeline is built. To successfully do this, the talent pipeline must be built based on the talent management initiatives available within the organization (Greenberg & Sweeney, 2010). For example it is important to ensure that if the talent management initiative of the organization focuses on the use of intrinsic motivation as against extrinsic motivation, the talent pipeline will be created in such a way that it uses internal and external channels that identifies intrinsically motivated candidates as against those yearning for extrinsic motivation. It is always important to ensure that the talent pipeline aligns with the talent management initiatives because the talent pipeline will always determine the kind of employees the company will work with. Meanwhile once the employees have been recruited, they will be managed based on the talent management initiatives available at the workplace (Silzer & Dowell, 2010).
Felps, W., Mitchell, T. R., Hekman, D. R., Lee, T. W., Holtom, B. C., & Harman, W. S. (2009). Turnover contagion: How coworkers job embeddedness and job search behaviors influence quitting. Academy of Management Journal, 52(3), 545-561.
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Silzer, R., & Dowell, B. E. (2010). Strategy-driven talent management: A leadership imperative. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. Read More
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