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Project Management - Project Breakdown, Risks and Staffing - Assignment Example

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The major risks that face the business organisation are staffing, management, and handling of a new project and the risk of running out of business because of the adverse competitors. For an organization to run and operate smoothly it is the duty of the managers to control…
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Project Management - Project Breakdown, Risks and Staffing
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Extract of sample "Project Management - Project Breakdown, Risks and Staffing"

Download file to see previous pages This paper highlights the possible risks in the organization and how they can be analysed and managed.
The organization faces a challenge of the inability to influence wider and diverse market margins. The company is striving to widen its customer diversity and population. This is hindered with the various risks the company faces such as stiff competition from similar companies and lack of sufficient stuffing. The company lacks enough employees hence the production of the company is not to its maximum. There is also poor human resource management. The organization finds it difficult and expensive to train the recruited employees. It is hard for the organisation to replace the experienced personnel who leave with new recruits who take time before conforming to the organisation’s operations and strategies. The organisation faces constant shifting of the employees and this gives it a disadvantage compared to the competitors. Another risk that the organization faces is lack of sufficient resources and funds to hire more employees. More employees will enable the organisation to have broader market margins as there level of production will be increased. This problems affect all departments of the organisation hence put the whole organization at risk. The organisation has not fully implemented technology in its daily routine and operations. The computer services and the internet facilities are not fully utilized by the employees of the organization. This particularly affects the HR, marketing and finance department.
If this problems are not adhered to the company faces a threat of falling out of competition and closing down in the long run. Failing to diversify and widen it market margin gives the competitors an advantage. This also hinders the organisation from attracting more customers hence limiting the amount of profit the company ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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