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PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT IN THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SECTOR By Kulwinder Kaur April 2011 The work contained within this document has been submitted by student in partial fulfilment of the requirement of their course TABLE OF CONTENTS List of Figures Chapter 2 Figure 1: Project Processes 14 Figure 2: Project management and nine knowledge areas 17 Figure 3: Triple constraints 18 Figure 4: SMART 19 Figure 5: Project Life cycle 21 Chapter 3 Figure 6: Organization structure 28 Figure 7: General model 27 Figure 8: Waterfall model 29 Figure 9: V-shaped model 32 Figure 10: Incremental model 34 Figure 11: Spiral model 35 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First, I would like to thank the…
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Project Management in IT sector
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Download file to see previous pages In summary, I would like to thank all of the people who helped me during the course of my project. It’s very hard to find suitable words to express my sincere thanks to my supervisor, Mr. Daniel Talbort, who gave me a tremendous amount of support and valuable personal direction in the progress of my project. This motivation and advice given at various levels has enabled me to pursue the successful closure of my project. Finally I would also like to thank all my friends and colleagues at Coventry University, who provided me libraries, books, and inspiration, as well as being a significant part behind the success of this project. Kulwinder Kaur ABSTRACT This dissertation is a study of the role of project management in the field of Information Technology. The research analyses the planning and control techniques used by project management teams in enterprise software development. RESEARCH METHODS Project management is a major element of the Information Technology industry internationally, with innumerable books, articles and journals articles published on the subject from various authors. The main area covered in this report is Project Management in enterprise software development. Various methods are used in order to build the research and gather conclusions about the research. A variety of sources, including the internet, books, and reference journals, were used to gather information about the topic. Lectures given in the class gave us the critical methodologies and research approaches required to complete this report effectively. Further personal instruction given by the project supervisor, Mr. Daniel Talbot allowed this to happen more easily. The various methods used in order to complete this research included: Library Books Articles available from online sources Data from friends and colleagues Internet Journals Project supervisor guidelines All the above mentioned sources were key ingredients to the research methodology and therefore played a great role in the completion of this project. Introduction Over last few decades, there has been an increase in the speed of development of enterprise software products, as well as an increasing demand in business management for quicker and more efficient means to develop software products for market. Product development in any field or business sector requires strong management and organization in order to be successful, and project management represents the collected tradition of these strategies of team organization in software programming. Project Management allows companies to build plans for software products and to have full control over the team organization of the projects. Project Management also helps in the allocation and proper utilization of resources in the enterprise software development process. (Mantel 2010) An enterprise software development project typically follows the four main stages of organization: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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