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Talent Management - Assignment Example

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The major aspect of inciting employees to maximum productivity is to align the talent management with the organizational strategy, recognize particular efficiencies, and define persistent managerial criteria through all functional areas to foster for persistent progress (Shukla,…
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Talent Management
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Extract of sample "Talent Management"

Talent Management AFFILIATION: Introduction The major aspect of inciting employees to maximum productivity is to align the talent management with the organizational strategy, recognize particular efficiencies, and define persistent managerial criteria through all functional areas to foster for persistent progress (Shukla, 2009).
Research Glimpse: Current Challenges in Talent Management
Successful talent development must emphasize on establishing personal strengths and implementing them to offering organizational goals. One of the most successful approaches to help this is coaching (Vaiman, 2008). Talented employees are management’s most active and dynamic people and willing to take up challenging tasks because they have a good performance record. Organizations need to manage these employees effectively so as to ensure their retention for a longer period of time. (Scullion and Collings, 2011).
The Status of Talent Management
This challenges the conventional approach to growth in favor of a more harmonized approach (Identifying Natural Talents Lets Company Make Right Choice, 1999). In this essay, important aspects associated with the manager’s role in effective talent management are highlighted how much it is important to identify and appoint appropriate talent for the company to achieve its goals (Schweyer, 2010).
Manager’s Role in Talent Management

Managers attain a basic role in talent growth. Most realized that, in order to make the talent development to be effective, they require accepting responsibility for its execution (Schiemann, 2009).
Talent Approach
A core feature of top personnel is their innate wish to progress, and their dedication towards self-growth and empowerment (Keeping your talent, 2008, pp. 6-8). These employees establish and enhance because they wish to, however not articulating a point in which they can enhance will not offer the impetus needed for this self-growth (Effron and Ort, 2013).
Personnel Planning and Acquisition of Talent
Discovering effective leaders and managers to occupy challenging responsibilities is always a preference since it facilitates companies to overcome unpredicted outcomes and to capitalize on introvert opportunities (Berger, 2004). As per a talent management survey, more than 50 percent of organizations use a formal or informal talent management initiative, highlighting that human capital issues are among the prime objectives of strategic planning (Stadler, 2011, pp. 264-271).
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