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A report on based on the company Gourmet burger kitchen - Essay Example

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It started its operations in London in 2001 by three kiwis but today this company has become international and has opened more than 50 franchises. We have…
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A report on based on the company Gourmet burger kitchen
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Download file to see previous pages Finally in the last section we have suggested Gourmet Burger Kitchen to open its franchise in a new country Switzerland.
Gourmet burger kitchen is a casual dining and a high market restaurant chain in United Kingdom. They deal with the wide variety of delicious burgers served with salads, and fresh chips which itself is a complete package. They also deal with vegetarian demand as they deal with delicious side salads and dinner salads. Apart from providing quality food, they are also providing an illustrious and non smoking environment which acts as a perfect blend with their casual eating (Dow, 2006).
In 2001, three Kiwis came together and opened their first restaurant in Battersea, London, where they served the best burgers in town. Since last eight years this food chain has expanded to over 50 restaurants alone in UK. In November 2009, the gourmet burger kitchen 50th U.K. restaurant opened at Soho Wharf Clink Street, London (Rose-Day, 2009). But this food chain has not only set its business in the boundaries of U.K. but it has also established internationally and has opened its branches in four main countries; Greece, Ireland, Turkey, Dubai and Oman (Gourmet Burger Kitchen, 2009). Currently there are 5 branches of gourmet burger kitchen in Dubai and 1 branch in Turkey but it plans to operate and expand its operations in further countries. They have boasts its sales but is regarded as the London’s best burger for the last two years, further it is also considered as leader burger themed concepts. Not alone in London but they have spread their charm among the food lovers of Dubai as well (Hassan, 2008).
Gourmet kitchen burger provides quality, unique and tasty burgers to its customers. They have specialized themselves in mainly burgers and due to this today they have 28 different yet delicious burgers on their menu card (Rose-day, 2009).
Gourmet burger kitchen is operating successfully in all the countries from UK to other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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