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Will Gate Gourmet Remain in the Market - Case Study Example

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The study “Will Gate Gourmet Remain in the Market?” finds a problem of this perspective company in its owners' - hedge funds' -craving to increase firm's liquidity and believes that rebranding, the strategy of differentiation and competent personnel policy can improve the company's position…
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Will Gate Gourmet Remain in the Market
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Extract of sample "Will Gate Gourmet Remain in the Market"

Download file to see previous pages In order to assess the potential of Gate Gourmet if it is suitable for acquisition, the company’s historical background should be considered in detail and its current operating strategies should also be examined. This includes identifying the sources of competitive advantage as well as its potential for better performance in the future.
Gate Gourmet is the World's largest independent supplier of airline catering and provisioning services and is responsible for more than 200 million meals being served a year. It is supplied by 101 flight kitchens which are located in 26 countries across 5 continents (Gate Gourmet, 2009).  The firm was established in 1992 by Swissair Catering to provide their own in-flight meals. It also sought to take advantage of increasing demand for outsourcing which resulted in the firm acquiring the Aero-Chef in 1992.
There were some major changes in the air industry which resulted in some firms seeking to cut costs. The firm capitalized on this development and embarked on an initiative to acquire the organizations that opted out of business. This acquisition strategy saw it acquire SAS Service Partner in 1994 and Varig kitchens in 1995. This strategy resulted in rapid growth and in 1997, British Airways kitchens were also acquired. In 1999 a merger took place between Gate Gourmet and Dobbs.
The company was sold by the administrators to the Texas Pacific Group for £618 million in 2002 (Ebrahimi, 2008; Wagland, 2005). Even after this change of ownership, it continued to grow and in 2003 the firm completed its acquisition initiative by purchasing the remaining 70% of shares from Iber-Swiss catering which were held by Iberian. There was a major financial restructuring that took place in 2005. Cost cutting measures then ensued which led to the industrial dispute at Heathrow Airport which resulted in 670 members of staff being fired as part of a £14 million cost cutting exercise (Wagland, 2005). The company received negative publicity when more than 1,000 members of staff boycotted work in support of those who were fired. Lack of in-flight catering services ended up forcing hundreds of flights to be cancelled with the British Airways alone canceling more than 700 flights due to the wildcat strikes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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