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Kitchen design - Essay Example

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Women like the kitchen, which are built and designed very well. When designing a new house, homeowners have a great chance to build beautiful kitchens that they always wanted to have. They can explore…
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Kitchen design
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Extract of sample "Kitchen design"

Download file to see previous pages There are some types of kitchens, such as, contemporary style kitchens, in which a small dining table is placed inside a kitchen. All of these functions need special attention when designing a new kitchen for a house. In this paper, we will discuss some of the major kitchen designs in order to get an understanding of the advantages, disadvantages, uses, and other points related to them.
“There are as many kitchen design styles today as there are kitchens, since designs may be eclectic or highly customized by combining different looks” (Cyprus n.d.). Some of the major kitchen designs include one-way gallery, two-way gallery, L-style, and U-style. All of these kitchens are different in their designs and appearance. The area covered by each of the kitchen designs also vary from each style to another style. Let us discuss all of these designs of kitchens in some detail.
A one-way kitchen is usually the smallest of all kitchens as far as area is concerned. However, it serves all of the three major functions of a kitchen, which include preparation, cooking, and storage. One of the main features of this kitchen design is that the major functions are set to function along a single wall. No other wall of the kitchen serves main functions of a kitchen. For example, the refrigerator, the stove or oven, and the sink are all placed at one side of the kitchen. There are usually some cabinets that are placed at the upper side of the wall. This is a good arrangement of a kitchen’s major functions if the area is small and one likes to have a beautiful kitchen even in that small area. Such kitchens are ideal for condominiums and small apartments where there is short space and minimal cooking. Even in single-family homes, such kitchens serve well for the residents.
A two-way kitchen is usually bigger in area as compared to one-way kitchens. One of the main features of this kitchen design is that two walls perform the main functions of the kitchen. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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