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The Concept of Open Kitchen Design - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Class: Course: Date: The Open Kitchen Design The Concept of Open Kitchen Design In any given industry there is always a need for development and advancement as time goes by so as to offer better quality goods and services and to retain customers…
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The Concept of Open Kitchen Design
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Download file to see previous pages Among the range of advancements however, of particular interest is the concept of Open Kitchen Design. This concept has been attractive to many restaurateurs for not only its entertaining factor, but also because customers can be able to see exactly how food is being prepared and as such they are more likely to prefer it as opposed to situations where they cannot tell what is being put into their plate. This increases the level of hygiene that is involved and lowers the chances of occurrence of food poisoning. So what exactly are the views of customers on the Open Kitchen design? This paper analyzes the work of Alonso and O’neill, Exploring Consumers’ Images of Open Restaurant Kitchen Design, where a research has been conducted on this area so as to find out what the customers really want and as such give them exactly that in this era where customer satisfaction is the recipe to the success of every business. The Background Research has revealed that consumers in the United States have a preference for food prepared outside the home setting, (Alonso et al, 2). On average, a consumer will take five meals in a week in a restaurant as opposed to home. On the same note, it has been noted that consumers obviously attach a lot of importance to the hygiene and safety of the food they eat though this is something that most restaurants ignore. Further, hygiene and cleanliness of food is closely related to the design of the kitchen that a restaurant decides to have thus the design of a kitchen can play a big role in ensuring food safety, reduced number of accidents as well as efficiency in operations. This idea in itself will attract customers as it gives them the satisfaction that they are having a meal that is properly prepared by merely looking at the physical setting of the kitchen. An attractive kitchen design will also encourage employees to carry out their duties with utmost care in providing high quality food. Reports indicate that more and more restaurants are embracing the open kitchen design and it has been responsible for booming business for small enterprises despite meager materials through research, (Alonso et al, 4). Thus the work of Alonso and O’neill aims at bringing more light on the subject. Methodology Used Consumer data was obtained through questionnaires distributed within duration of four months at a university in the United States from individuals attending a baseball sport during the season. The reasons for choosing a university for the collection of this data was the convenience of collecting data from a large number of individuals composed of different groups in terms of gender and age and then making comparisons. The success of the research was also facilitated by the fact that the researchers also belonged to the university in question and therefore it was easy for the respondents to identify themselves with them. The content and design of the questionnaire was prepared according to the little available data from research previously conducted on the image of consumers on the idea of Open Kitchen Design. The research also took into consideration the demographic factors of the respondents, experience and frequency of consumers, type of restaurant visited, factors affecting consumers’ tastes and preferences and to what extent the design of the restaurant affected their choices. Instructions on how to go about the research questions were also provided. The potential respondents were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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