The Evolution and transformation of the American kitchen - Research Paper Example

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This research paper “The Evolution and transformation of the American kitchen” focuses on the various transformational changes that have transpired in the American societal set up as far as kitchen and its associated appliances are concerned…
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The Evolution and transformation of the American kitchen
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Download file to see previous pages The preliminary commencement of American architecture dates back to the regal tradition of the United States and the practices that transpired as a result of the evacuation of European background. The American melting vessel grew and both the edifice and planning practices advanced. This in turn led to the dawn of the colonial style which became the cornerstone of the architectural progress of the United States. The outstanding consideration of these designs focus on the balance between classical and gothic ideals. Some of the common European monuments like Gloucestershire serve as benchmark for this piece of work. It therefore goes without objection that the kitchen is inextricably correlated to this discovery. The hearth remains in various historical sites helps to establish the dating of this. Instead of the fridges of the 19th century, root cellars were used to maintain the cold temperature of foods during summers and offered a conducive environment for preservation of food stuffs during winter (Smith 76). Another preservative method during the ancient kitchen era was the smoke house. It was very vital for preservation of both fish and meat. The early hearths invented were either of clay or stone origin. The hearths could either be deep or shallow, depending on the size of the homesteads. The fire places had fixed revolving spits and clips that could be used to hang meat. This had to be substituted with the wake of change though gradual. Pertaining to this urge of putting up a desired kitchen, there emerged a bottleneck. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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