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History 252Fall 2013 Dr. Pruden : Civil RIghts How did the liberati - Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Liberation Movements for Minority Groups in the 1960s In the mid 20th Century, US experienced numerous political and social unrests in form of liberation movements. Most of these liberation movements were motivated by a dire need of equality in terms of political recognition, social identity and cultural beliefs…
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History 252Fall 2013 Dr. Pruden Essay: Civil RIghts How did the liberati
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"History 252Fall 2013 Dr. Pruden : Civil RIghts How did the liberati"

Download file to see previous pages Both the feminist and gay movements represented liberation campaigns staged by minority groups within the American society during the 1960s. Both groups were seeking transformation of social institutions and beliefs into recognizing the role of women and pride of homosexuals in contemporary settings. Keen studies on these two liberation struggles unearth certain similarities with the infamous black Civil Rights movements of the 1950s. This essay seeks to establish a link in philosophy and strategies between the minority liberations of 1960s and the major black civil rights campaigns of the preceding decade. Relevant research indicates that gay rights movements and those advocating for gender equality adopted some of its major philosophy from the civil rights activism. It is undeniable that civil rights movement by African Americans was motivated by the need to achieve equal rights. Blacks had long been accorded numerous rights during the Emancipation of Proclamation, but those rights were yet to be implemented in practical sense (Foner 49). After the Second World War, veteran soldiers of black origin and other likeminded social activists like Martin Luther King Jr. joined hands in a fight against oppression. Black civil rights movement continued through 1950s and early 1960s, after which African Americans gained their constitutional rights to vote and own property. Women Liberation Movement After successful civil rights movement by the minority blacks in the US, other groups were to build their basis on strategies used by the African Americans in demanding other equal recognition. In this context, we will evaluate the feminist liberation movement and establish the manner in which black civil rights struggle influenced women in their feminism campaigns. Prior to the 1960s, women in America enjoyed limited to no economic opportunities as compared to their male counterparts. Society operated with the philosophy that women should remain at home taking care of children while men go to work. With respect to social aspects, women were braded symbols of sex and beauty. American society advocated for charm and physical attractiveness of as the only qualities used to define women’s worth (Weisner and William 34). With respect to political context, most women, especially from the black and other minority groups were not counted as eligible voters. They could neither participate in general elections nor vie for political positions. Prior to the civil rights movements in the 1950s, blacks experienced direct discrimination in social, economic and political contexts. For example blacks were not allowed to attend similar schools with whites. In addition, marriages between blacks were not recognized by state and federal institutions. In terms of political discriminations, blacks enjoyed limited freedom in expressing their constitutional rights to elect leaders. During general elections, black voters were blocked by gangs like the Ku Klux Klan from entering into voting centers. As a result of all these discriminations, civil rights activists, especially Martin Luther King Jr. staged national non-violent campaigns. His campaigns were joined by the likes of Malcolm X and the black liberation movements. Consequently, the tension created by frequent and massive demonstrations by men, women and children of black ancestry forced social and political institutions into awarding blacks their human rights. After ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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