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The Sixties: Cultural Revolution - Essay Example

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The paper "The Sixties: Cultural Revolution " seeks to highlight how the constellation of the historical moments of the 60s ended. The paper also aims to discuss the social, cultural, economic, and political events of the decade ended or changed…
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The Sixties: Cultural Revolution
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"The Sixties: Cultural Revolution"

Download file to see previous pages According to Joshua, this 60s decade was also termed the Swinging Sixties due to the relaxation or fall of some of the social taboos especially those that are related to the racism and sexism that took place during that time. However, the 1960s decade has resultantly become synonymous with the new subversive and radical trends and events of the period, which developed continually between the 1970s through to 1990s and beyond. On the other hand, the 1960s decade was a decade of political change in African nations. This is due to the attainment of independence by more than 32 countries from the European colonial rulers. Therefore this paper seeks to highlight how the constellation of the historical moments of the 60s ended. The paper also aims to discuss the social, cultural, economic, and political events of the decade ended or changed.
According to Joshua, some of the commentators have experienced the 1960s era as a classical nightmare of Jungian cycle in which a stiff culture that is unable to host the demands of the greater freedom of individuals, which broke the social constraints free of the previous age via an extreme deviation from what is termed as normal. Booker Christopher in the scene of the 60s charts the success, rise and fall, and explosions of the decade, but this does not explain the massive nature of the phenomenon alone. In the early 1960s, most of the governments shifted to the left. In America, John F. Kennedy, a staunch anti communist and a Keynesian, made efforts to push for the social reforms like the civil rights for the healthcare for the poor and the elderly and African Americans. He was elected to the White House as the President. John F. Kennedy pledged to have a man landed on the moon before the end of the 1960 decade, an accomplishment that was achieved in the year 1969. In March 1962, Italy had its left of the center of the government formed with the coalition of the moderate Republicans and the Christian Democrats and Social Democrats. The Socialists joined the block of ruling in December 1963. The Labor Party attained power in Britain in the year 1964, and in Brazil, Goulart Joao after Quadros Janio resigned, became the president. The 1960s decade were years of intricate challenges to the makers of the United States policy. Several years later, the Yale University and the Brookings Institution sponsored jointly a conference that reconsidered the 1960s economic policies of the nation and the theories that had influence on them, according to the consequent events in the developments in economy and theory of economics and research. This decade also had tremendous changes globally. According to Maslin, culturally, several things started percolating in the previous decades and eventually exploded in the period of Vietnam War. In the same decade, technical innovations altered the manner in which people lived as the music of the decade transformed the way in which people thought about things. All in a while, the wage of the Cold War continued as well in the same 1960s decade. According to Arthur, the Sixties were characterized by several political and social movements. In the second part of the decade, the group of the young started revolting against the conventional norms of the period and also removed themselves from the liberalism mainstream, specifically the high level of the materialism that was very common in that periodic era. These events resulted into a counter ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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