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However, of all these duties the most critical one is the receiving of guests and visitors. Therefore, the person at the front desk needs to be a patient and charming person…
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The role and function of the Front office in hotel
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The role of Front Office: The role of Front Office In hotels, the front office is the most important and therefore it should be well organized so that visitors can be impressed.
Front desk manages every department in the hotel such as accounts, online reservation and housekeeping. However, of all these duties the most critical one is the receiving of guests and visitors. Therefore, the person at the front desk needs to be a patient and charming person because the first impression matters a lot (Rajput, 2013). In addition, they also need to have a sense of courtesy and calmness as personal qualities are vital as a front desk person (Rajput,2013).
In hotel management, several financial items are also managed at the front office. In addition, they also manage the check ins and outs of the hotel. Hence, it is the duty of the front desk to inform the housekeeping department whenever new guests arrive (Rajput, 2013).
In addition, the front desk also is the one that manages meetings, answer phones, make appointments, maintain record, and also make data entry as well as management of other communications (Rajput, 2013).
In connection to this, to run a successful hotel business the front desk has to be run well because as stated they are the face the hotel. This is because they are the ones that receive the visitors hence they are the ones who determines the direction the business will take in the future (Rajput, 2013).
Function of Reservation:
The reserve section acts as a nerve center for the department. It is the section where all room reservation requests are received and then processed. Reservation is the act of booking rooms in advance, and most hotels rely on effective bedroom letting for profits. These reservations may be in the form of telex, letters, telegram, telephones, fax and emails (Kumar, 2013).
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