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Hospitality - Essay Example

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The Food and Beverage Division is accountable for restaurants, bars, galleys, dining rooms, requirements and cleaning. Food and Beverage Division is divided into many…
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Extract of sample "Hospitality"

Explain how the different areas of the Food and Beverage Division contribute to the overall success of a full service hotel operation. Different areas of food and beverage division play an immense role in the success of full service operations. The Food and Beverage Division is accountable for restaurants, bars, galleys, dining rooms, requirements and cleaning. Food and Beverage Division is divided into many groups. F&B division delivers the food and beverage services to its customers in all its functions rooms, guest rooms and outlets according to the prescribed standards, food and beverage division manages the relationship and goodwill of the hotel through the proper inquiry, complaints and requests handling. F&B division ensures the achievement of a forecasted sale through suggesting promotional, selling and administrative strategies it ensures the implementation of internal control programs of company, also coordinate with the kitchen department and discuss the matters related to services and food preparations (Walker, 2010). F&B division manager is responsible for planning, organizing, directing and controlling the delivery of services in all required divisions and monitors that all services are performed well. Outlet’s supervisor is liable for the supervision of operations and makes sure that services are performed according to the prescribed policies and standards. Captain of waiters is legally responsible for the administration of service delivery and arrangements to the assigned location. Receptionist is responsible for greeting and escorting customers. Waiter is responsible for taking of the order and serving these orders to the customers on committed time. And the success of full service operation is not possible without the successful completion of each activity (Walker, 2010).
The front office is the hub of communication for the hotel. The guests drive the communication as their actions trigger most communication. Describe how and for what purposes the front office and other areas in the Rooms Division communicate.
In any hotel Room division plays very important role in the process of hotel working. The dining room managers are responsible for services, seating arrangements, and for the supervision of staff and have direct contact with visitors. This department is a combination of housekeeping and front desk. Room division and front office can have communication regarding the hotel’s promotional plans, cost cutting activities, and they can discuss the marketing and operational strategy, and both departments can have communication related to the hotel’s problems and their solutions (Walker, 2010).
Walker, J.R. (2010). Introduction to hospitality management (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall Read More
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