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Project breif - Literature review Example

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This research proposal concerns the conduct of a research study on the challenges expected in the management of projects awarded by the Saudi Arabian government and the development of appropriate recommendations and suggestions for overcoming such challenges. It is proposed to…
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Project breif
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Extract of sample "Project breif"

Download file to see previous pages This research proposal concerns the conduct of a dissertation involving the investigation, assessment and analysis of various challenges involved in the management of government projects in Saudi Arabia and the provisioning of appropriate recommendations for their successful management. As a means of reducing inefficiency and maximizing productivity, stakeholders throughout the business world have come to appreciate the power of timely and relevant project management theory (Al-Otaibi et al., 2013). As such, globalization has created a situation in which firms from around the globe integrate with businesses and projects in other countries. Therefore, engaging in a deeper and more efficient means of globalised project management is a step towards modernization and development; a goal towards which this proposal is fundamentally directed.
While the implementation of infrastructural projects is undoubtedly increasing in the developing and emerging economies, project management in these countries is associated with a number of specific challenges (Frame, 2002). Such challenges increase when projects are undertaken for governmental organisations and departments (Frame, 2002).
Extensive project work is occurring in Saudi Arabia, with the Kingdom’s government focusing on building infrastructure in areas of power generation, transportation, roads and medical facilities (Meed Media, 2013). Whilst project activity in the country does provide strong opportunities for project management organisations, the successful execution of such projects involves the anticipation, recognition and overcoming of diverse types of challenges with specific political, bureaucratic and legal ramifications (Meed Media, 2013).
The proposed research study aims to examine the various challenges associated with management of government projects in Saudi Arabia and the providing of appropriate recommendations for overcoming ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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