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Managing Diversity at Cityside Financial Services - Essay Example

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The paper aims to analyze various ethical and legal issues in the workplace. Legal issues are those that are addressed by law and a worker can seek legal redress in court if their rights under this section are violated…
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Managing Diversity at Cityside Financial Services
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Download file to see previous pages Ethical issues in organizations touch on the workers honesty, respect and trust. Ethics also deal with the way an organizations leadership conducts its affairs and the type of leadership adopted and the culture in the organization. An example of an ethical issue is whether the managers should seek the views of the other workers or who should make decisions. Failure to engage all members of the staff in decision making is an ethical issue in which the managers should reflect on whether what they are doing is good or bad. The choice of management’s decision cannot be resolved in a court of law although this influences the motivation in an organization. The other example of an ethical issue is on how an employee behaves towards their seniors. For instance when the opinion of an employee is ignored in a meeting despite this observation being helpful to organization can strain the relationship between the management and the other workers but one cannot be resolved in court. Impacts of diversity on human capital management and development in an organization According to Choi and Rainey (2010), the American workforce is continuously becoming more diversified due to greater access of equal employment opportunities for the minorities and women. Choi and Rainey (2010) describe that early research on workplace diversity focused on the individual and organizational outcomes; concluding that diversity provides a great opportunity and challenge to the organization. Consequently they argue that understanding the impacts of diversity on the organizational results such as employee satisfaction and organizational performance is critical. Choi and Rainey (2010) affirms that researchers have come to a...
Diversity at workplace is can be an important aspect in ensuring organizational effectiveness. However, if diversity is not properly managed it could lead to conflicts and miscommunication leading to poor team work and problems in management. The laws require all organizations to be diverse by complying with the provisions of equal opportunities commission. Discrimination may not be intentional in all circumstances since implementation of some organizational policies may lead to disparate impact and disparate treatment. In the case study of CitySide Financial Services, the bank is locking out African-American from holding managerial positions in the External Deposits units in a claim of trying to be responsive to the kind of customers served in the unit. To deal with ethical and legal issues that can arise in an organization, businesses need to seek the opinion of a legal expert. Moreover, organizations can manage diversity through adoption of a lean management hierarchy that coordinates and resolves conflicts with it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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