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The Ethical Side of Discrimination and Culture of Diversity - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes a diverse workforce in an organization that becomes a source of generating new ideas and helps the organization in taking advantage of the individualistic characteristics of the employees, professional background, the impact of geographic location…
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The Ethical Side of Discrimination and Culture of Diversity
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Extract of sample "The Ethical Side of Discrimination and Culture of Diversity"

Download file to see previous pages In an organizational culture that is tolerant for people from all culture, employees learn to show respect and learn from each other thus using diversity to their advantage (Woods, et. al, 2010). Communication and technological advances have contributed to making the market and organizations a global concept (Anderson, 2013). Diversity can affect an organizational structure positively as well as negatively; where it can be a precursor to creativity and innovativeness, diversity can also lead to a rise in conflicts and employee turnover. Diversity is shown to be positively associated with creativity and increased innovation (Tharp, 2011). Every individual brings his own unique set of experiences, knowledge, skills and cultural background and thus lends an array of diverse experiences to the organization (Ingram, 2013). When individuals with such vast and distinct knowledge work together, creativity and innovativeness is a natural result. A diverse workforce affords variety and diversity in perspectives and experiences and is far more effective in generating innovative solutions (Tharp, 2011). A culture devoid of workplace diversity can lack in presenting the employees with an opportunity for self-growth. When working in a diverse environment, employees are exposed to cultures, experiences, ideas and perspectives other than their own (Ingram, 2013). Working with people from diverse origins, employees grow intellectually and even become better citizens (Ingram, 2013). Organizations that support a diverse culture have the opportunity of hiring from among the best available talented people (Suttle, 2013). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Ethical Side of Discrimination and Culture of Diversity Research Paper.
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