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Human Resource Management and Development: the Hospitality Industry - Research Paper Example

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This paper focuses on what diversity means to the responsible human resource management and to the company’s productivity at large. How does diversity impact human resource management and development? It is better to understand what human resource management and human resource development mean…
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Human Resource Management and Development: the Hospitality Industry
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Download file to see previous pages Diversity promotes flexibility, on an organization’s part, in undertakings such as marketing and innovation. For example, having people with different levels of experience and from different disciplines provides options when the organization requires representation beyond its market boundaries and/or introduction of the new procedure. Similarly, a delegation of different problems and consultations are made internally and therefore the company becomes self-sustaining. This makes human resource management simpler a task especially when different employees mobilize themselves and complement each other. Diversity promotes creativity among individual employees. Arguably, a group of employees who have the same values and have similar abilities will certainly continue doing similar things. On the other hand, diversity promotes mutual competition (Nelarine, 2002) in a fight for recognition and becoming different. Some human resource managers have resorted to promoting diversity as a strategy to attract creativity and innovativeness that, at a point, may reduce costs and money besides being a score for a human resource management team. The resource management definitely seeks to derive a workforce that solves various solutions and seals every problematic loophole. Similarly, the overall performance of the management depends on the kind of workforce developed. Diversity in the workplace has proved a better option in achieving these scores. Better still an aggregate of diverse employees engages in inherent mutual consultations due to inherent differentiation of insights in various disciplines. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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