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Controversy Analysis and Rhetorical Analysis - Essay Example

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The writer of the essay "Controversy Analysis and Rhetorical Analysis" suggests that legalization of the use of marijuana will not in any way lead to a decrease in the number of marijuana users. Neither will prohibition. In the Christian and Muslim faiths, drug use or abuse is highly discouraged…
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Controversy Analysis and Rhetorical Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Thus, Geber states that “While the pioneers of these movements, though passionate for changes in what seemed like a redundant and hypocritical society, worked hard to bring about radical changes in cultures and religions the world over, proponents of the legalization feel that they are indeed the messiah to the Arizona population”. In this statement, figurative language is used as it combines both assonance and alliteration to express the thoughts of theses first campaigners of the legalization of Marijuana. So, who quantifies or qualifies legalization or prohibition? The controversy is pretentious and shows a society that is not yet ready for a change. Thus, Geber states that “While the pioneers of these movements, though passionate for changes in what seemed like a redundant and hypocritical society, worked hard to bring about radical changes in cultures and religions the world over, proponents of the legalization feel that they are indeed the messiah to the Arizona population”. In this statement, figurative language is used as it combines both assonance and alliteration to express the thoughts of theses first campaigners of the legalization of Marijuana.  Some people are of a different opinion. “For what seems to be strong political reasons, this will indeed not seem like a smart decision as it will pass for reckless policy bred out of ignorance and the indifference to the detrimental and profound effects it has on the youth and the general public safety”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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