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The author of this essay comments on the article “Cookies and breast milk, anybody? South Korean Oreo ad leaked” written by the author Beyer. Reportedly, the article focuses on an advertisement of a South Korean baby looking at an Oreo and breastfeeding…
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Should breastfeeding moms show nipples to the public
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Should breastfeeding moms show nipples to the public? Introduction The article, “Cookies and breast milk, anybody? South Korean Oreo ad leaked” written by the author Beyer, Monica focuses on an advertisement of a South Korean baby looking at an Oreo and breastfeeding. Although the advertisement was not for public display, the leakage of the image went viral via the internet. The public exposure to the picture caused controversy regarding the display of the nipple to the public while breastfeeding a baby. The article further tries to review different views from women all over the world. The article discusses the various reasons concerning breastfeeding in relation to the exposure of the breast to the public. The author uses ethos, pathos, logos, and the argument whether showing nipple to the public during breastfeeding is effective.
Ethos analysis
Beyer Monica was justified in writing the article and brings the argument concerning showing nipples to the public during breastfeeding. Beyer Monica being a mother of four babies and a professional writer concerning parental articles and magazine since the year 2000, she has detailed information concerning breastfeeding. Beyer using the picture gives an impression of the different difficulty that women face during breastfeeding. Monica having professional experience in the parenting field, she brings out the actual scenario concerning breastfeeding. Beyer goes ahead and involves the discussion and ideas from other women concerning the issue. Monica involves the right audience in collecting views from the different women concerning nipple exposure to the public and breastfeeding. Beyer only involves the views of women and not men to get the actual feelings of the women concerning breastfeeding in public.
Pathos analysis
Beyer Monica successfully brought ought the argument concerning displaying nipples to the public by women during breastfeeding. Using the picture, Monica emotionally connects the readers to the woman and the baby breastfeeding in the picture. The picture gives an idea situation of a woman breastfeeding and exposing her nipple to the public. Monica emotionally connects the reader to the article through involving the actual picture of the scenario. Most of the readers connected to the article because of the picture. Consequentially, most readers connected the readings and picture of the article to the normal setting in the society. Most people have seen women exposing nipples to the public during breastfeeding. therefore, connecting the actual events in the society and the article created an emotional connection between the reader and Monica, the writer to the article.
Logos analysis
Beyer Monica argument concerning exposing the nipple to the public during breastfeeding successfully became viral via the internet because of the use of reasoning and logic in persuading the reader. The reader was able to read the article and understand why women ought not to expose the nipple to the public during breastfeeding. Monica logically discusses the aspect of women exposing nipples to the public. Beyer involves to the views of other women that have experienced such incidents before to provide views concerning the argument. The ideas provided by other women in the article assists the reader in making logical reasoning concerning the nipple exposure to the public during breastfeeding.
Monica Beyer successfully argues concerning nipple exposure to the public during breastfeeding by using the rhetorical triangle that entails ethos, pathos and logos. Beyer successfully applies the rhetorical concepts of pathos; ethos and logos to enable to reader understand the argument concerning women exposing nipples during breastfeeding in public. The reader is able to make sound judgment concerning the ideas and views revealed by other women in the discussion-taking place in the article.
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Beyer, Monica. Cookies and breast milk, anybody? South Korean Oreo ad leaked. Web. Apr 23, 2012. Retrieved from Read More
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