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Organizing GB's Information Services Department - Assignment Example

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The assignment "Organizing GB’s Information Services Department" presents a message of the Director of Data management aiming to draw attention to the target audience to issues that have been ignored in the past to create in the organization a strategic basis for the new architectural changes and the introduction of push technology.
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Organizing GBs Information Services Department
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Extract of sample "Organizing GB's Information Services Department"

Download file to see previous pages Throughout my 20 years of commitment in the sphere related to data management, I have come across many problems and difficulties faced in the information systems which have strengthened my knowledge and skill. I intend to devote my expertise to the service of yours and the organization. There are many challenges to be overcome; it is likely that the contentious situations may jeopardize the progress. Any suggestions and issues in this regard are fine with me but effective cooperation from each and every member will be highly appreciated.

The information system forms the backbone of the financial institutions. If the information system is hampered than the credibility of the organization will disappear. It was brought to my attention that the information system requires a complete change in the technical architecture with the focus on the database software and the efficient management of the data within the organization. This provides me the opportunity to deploy my skills for the reliance and convenience of the customers as well as the employees. With respect to the technical design, the paradigm shift towards the new software application is critical. I do not hold a favorable view of the Lotus Notes application as a communication tool for database management. What the company has been fostering for years does not conform to a true database. This decision is quite logical from the ethical database point of view as it is essential for the application to act as agents rather than jump over to another platform. The data should be the sole right of the company. This can hardly be achieved if the application of Lotus Notes is continued in the IS. In this regard, it is important to focus on the center data-publishing from central/shared/enterprise rather than the web publishing strategy that the company is currently deploying.

To reduce the data management complexity involved in the commercial electronic transaction. I would strongly recommend third party push technology over the development of the internal internet application. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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