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Conflict Negotiation - Case Study Example

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Prior to the negotiation meeting, we had agreed that our main goal would be to ensure that the Twin Lakes Mining Council would be socially responsible while at the same time maintaining their operations in our city. We…
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Conflict Negotiation
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Download file to see previous pages Knowing what each other party wanted was key to knowing the best way forward to attaining what was best for the city of Tamarack.
Our first reward was that we as the City Council of Tamarack do not have to incur high costs of maintaining our roads or reducing the environmental pollution that has already taken place. The cost sharing agreement reached at the end of the negotiations ensures that the mining company takes upon itself the responsibility of ensuring that the damaged roads are repaired and that at the end of the day there is little, if any environmental pollution. We were also able to keep the company in the city, hence, retaining the revenue that we get from its operations. We were able to provide a serene environment for the tourists who visit the city. This was made possible by the fact that Twin Lakes Mining Company ensured that all roads are in good condition. Reducing air pollution in the city is also a way of attracting tourists. The fact that the already exhausted mining sites will be shutdown means that our surroundings will be beautiful enough to warrant tourist attraction (Role Information for City Tamarack). Most importantly, the relationship between the government and the mining company was improved as both parties gained from the negotiations.
The most rewarding thing about the negotiations is the fact that we will be able to keep our city in a good condition. Firstly, we shall from today henceforth have cleaner air in the city. The mining company has accepted the responsibility of ensuring that its operations do not pollute the air as much as before. This is beneficial to us; not only in the present life, but also in future. Clean air means that future generations in Tamarack City will live a healthy life and they will not have to worry about respiratory diseases that are related to unclean air. Both parties have also taken up the responsibility of maintaining the roads. Of course, this means better infrastructure, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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