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Ch12,13,and 14 - Essay Example

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A production oriented leader exhibits a number of characteristics that places value on proficiency and time management. There are frequently referred to as…
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Ch12,13,and 14
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Extract of sample "Ch12,13,and 14"

Leadership, Power and Politics, and Conflict Negotiation: Personal Assessment and Analysis Assessment results can predict if an individual is either comfortable as a production or people oriented leader. A production oriented leader exhibits a number of characteristics that places value on proficiency and time management. There are frequently referred to as ‘perfectionist’ creating easy and clear work schedules with particular requirements and keen attention to deadlines. A people oriented person, on the other hand, energizes those around them and makes them feel appreciated for their contribution to the organization’s goals. A score of 6.5 out of a maximum possible score of 7 on the team efficiency questionnaire quite openly a people oriented personality. Closely associated with a production oriented leader is the concept of a transformational and the counter, transactional leadership.
Transformational leadership involves an individual causing change on followers, and on the other hand a transactional leader entails transactions between the leader and the followers. Activities such as punishment and rewarding of the junior employees mark the personality trait of a transactional leader, whereas the transformational leader is very innovative. The assessment results on the level of building and leading a team can predict the strength on transformative or transactional leadership approach. The score from the test is 88 out of a maximum score of 100, implying the second quartile. For a percentage that is 95 and above, the assessment test could have predicted a transformational leader, but from the test results, the prediction shows an obvious inclination towards a transactional leadership.
Despite the different perceptions of leadership, there are certain theorists who argue that leadership is inherent in people. In fact to understand leadership, the following five bases of power becomes key; legitimacy, reward, expert, referent and coercive (Schermerhorn et al, 6). A personal analysis confirms the fourth, and this means that I do attract and worth and acknowledge the respect of other people. A score of 23 out of a maximum score of 100 shows a poor conflict handling style. This implies that what of interest is winning the conflict rather than negotiation and compromise. Additionally, accommodation would be the best way of handling the conflicting situations.
Contrary to the test assessment results I am an accommodating person and probably the results predicted inaccurate results on a personal conflict handling situations. In professional circumstances just as in personal conflict situations, I avoid confrontations and instead work towards compromise. The results of the face to face communication style assessment tests shows conflicting results on the eight key items. The dominant test results were 1.16, others were: contentious 1.42, dramatic 0.8, animated 1.25, impression leaving 1.8, relaxed 1.4, attentive 1, open 1.25 and finally friendly 1.5.
Leaders react differently to disputes; there are people who can be assertive, persuasive, aggressive, cooperative and submissive or a mixture of any of these, or even all of them. Negotiation styles cannot be preferred; rather they are inborn such that when confronted with a typical situation demanding a style, then the reaction would just follow. However, for a dispute that has always existed and when one’s negotiation skills are needed then a careful self assessment might guide one in armoring the most preferred style. The results from assessment shows a conflict of information ad cannot be relied upon to provide conclusive prediction on my preferred negotiating style.
Work Cited
Schermerhorn, John R, Richard Osborn, and James G. Hunt. Organizational Behavior. New
York: Wiley, 2000. Print. Read More
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Ch12,13,and 14 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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