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The important fact about this exceptionally phenomenal celebrity is that despite having grown up in a middle class area in West Philadelphia where he…
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Profile without interviewing the person
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26 September, Profile of Will Smith: This paper is primarily based on discussing the biography facts related to one of the America’s most successful artists of all times, Will Smith, while throwing light on his
riveting show business career and astounding success bagged by him on the basis of his undying talent and relentless struggle. The important fact about this exceptionally phenomenal celebrity is that despite having grown up in a middle class area in West Philadelphia where he attended his high school as well, he seldom thought about living a regular life and charmed his way out of obscurity in his early years. He can correctly be considered to be one of those mainstream American celebrities who are self-made and have always believed in self. He embarked on a musical journey in his early twenties and amassed huge fortune out of it. His television career also did not remain devoid of exceptional success owing to the fact that the globally acclaimed television project he starred in ran successfully for about six years. Later, Smith experimented with movies as well and conquered that show business area also as was expected from him considering the sheer devotion and dedication which he is naturally bound to show no matter whatsoever he pursues in life. Smith’s movie career was all set considering myriad mega blockbuster hits he starred in and he is also engrossed in acting in movies currently. He married twice and shares his second marriage with fellow celebrity Jada Smith. Smith’s “20-year career that just keeps getting hotter, all combined to put the actor in that celebrity sweet spot that all stars crave, but few ever attain” (Fox News) and owing to such unique career, he got able to crown himself with the title of “The Most Famous, Famous Guy of 2008” (Fox News).

Work cited:
FOX NEWS. “Will Smith Is The Most Famous, Famous Guy of 2008.” Fox News. 30 Dec. 2008. Web. 26 Sep. 2011. Read More
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Profile Without Interviewing the Person Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Profile Without Interviewing the Person Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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