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Profile Name: Instruction: Task: Date: Aysha Janahi is an interesting student studying Media Communication at his second year. He is a particularly interesting target for this profile exercise for many reasons that include his gentility in tackling pressing matters…
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, his choice to make appearance in this profile leans on the interesting aspect of charisma and personality that is infused in his daily activities as noted in his hobbies. Alternatively, Aysha Janahi stands out because of his unwavering resolve to utilize his education as a tool to liberate his nation from the turbulence of the simmering Arab Spring. This actually compliments his optimism that is also observable in the inability to judge persons of non alignment in terms of sexuality and preference. In other words, Aysha comes as a young man who is ready to conquer the world despite the choking influences of his Bahrainian background. The above mentioned student was born in the Muslim dominated Bahrain on 3rd July in 1994 to a trader father and a housewife mother. According to their culture, Bahrain stands for two seas and young Aysha was able to grow smoothly with his two sisters as he watched his dad conduct his business and cook his dinners. However, because of his inability to excel and conceptualize the subject of math, the young decides to migrate to American school where he enrolled for a course in Media Communication at the age of 18 only. Aysha is an outgoing boy who has relied on his parents for moral direction and mainly loves tanning in the sun, jet skiing and resting on the beach. He also has an addiction for shopping that makes him own several shirts that bear tags in his room (Stein & Paterno 2001, p. 67). In the same view, Aysha tries to adapt to the organic lifestyle by constantly working out and enjoys soccer with friends. However, the most interesting thing with this young man who would love to use his education to further the revolution is the ability to cook pasta. He learnt this habit after constantly watching his father prepare the dinner for him and his sisters much to their delight. Accordingly, Aysha Janahi is an accomplished young man with dexterity at playing football and a staunchly religious person. In the same respect, the young man is an intrapersonal person who values the meeting of new people in order to expand his horizon of life. In fact, in his own words, he asserts: “I am the type of person that likes to get to know people. I am not shy. I care so much put people first.” This is also reflected in his flexibility to tolerate people with different perceptions of life without making irrational judgments. In others words, Aysha Janahi insists that he is a person who thinks situations positively instead of negatively in order to find better perspectives of life. Additionally, it is also critical to highlight the ability of Aysha to maintain their culture despite acquiring his schooling in a liberal university in American. This suggests that despite the exposure to a conflicting culture that normally alters the minds of most foreign students; he is able to retain his sense of integrity and dignity. Moreover, he is a reflection of the struggle of balancing the life a liberal nation. This includes adapting to the lifestyle of munching barbeques, watching TV and sunning in the beach during summer while there is a background that is against most of the things. However, in stark contrast, Bahrain is steeped in the stringent conservative lifestyle that is akin to that of Saudi Arabia that does not permit lots of freedoms (Stein & Paterno 2001, p. 71). Aysha Janahi, as noted above, is a student of promise ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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