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Structure of Motivational Interviewing - Term Paper Example

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The paper 'Structure of Motivational Interviewing' focuses on motivational interviewing which is a kind of interview that consists of mutual discussion in order to bolster a person's own motivation, encouragement, and pledge to change. It's pointed out that motivational interviewing is goal-oriented…
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Structure of Motivational Interviewing
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Extract of sample "Structure of Motivational Interviewing"

Download file to see previous pages The review of the literature epitomizes the most up-to-date motivational interviewing (MI) interventions with juveniles, looks at differences between intervention format and design, and discusses possible theory-based mechanisms and systems of change. Literature explorations were supervised to recognize and classify studies delivering Motivational Interviewing in an individual format for the treatment and handling of material use disorders (Tevyaw & Mont 2004).  Occasionally, pithy and concise mediations ratify the skills of intellectual approaches to counseling often referred to as motivational ones. Warmth, genuine empathy, and acceptance are necessary to foster therapeutic gain within motivational interviewing (Rogers 1961). Another central concept is that ambivalence about decisions is resolved by conscious or unconscious weighing of the pros and cons of change vs. not changing (Ajzen 1980). Amabile, DeJong & Lepper (1976) demonstrates the fact that the professional is unable to detect the client’s problems from the failure to gain trust, which leverages the client’s aversion to divulge their problem such as in this case study interviewer is taking the interview. The basic idea of the case study sounds to encourage the fact and verity that the sense of duty lies within the hands of the complexity and difficulties that are completely whirled around the entire life of the poor little girl. This criticizes the mark as they should be ready to discuss emotional problems in order to amplify recognition as well as an acknowledgment (Amabile, DeJong & Lepper 1976). The literature validates the significance and consequences of valuing the marks and allowing them to gain empowerment through trusting their own decisions rather than following instructions. (Lussier & Richard 2007). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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