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Provide an outline of the various selection methods that are available. From this discuss their accuracy as selection tools, which are most popular and why - Essay Example

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A company that repudiates to advance its recruitment process will waste money and time if they employ unfit individuals for the critical job (Smith 2006, p.76). Selection and recruitment have both the same purpose; and that is to search out the qualified person in the right…
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Provide an outline of the various selection methods that are available. From this discuss their accuracy as selection tools, which are most popular and why
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Extract of sample "Provide an outline of the various selection methods that are available. From this discuss their accuracy as selection tools, which are most popular and why"

Download file to see previous pages Selection methods should be reliable and applicable. Here are different types of recruitment selection methods, along with a brief description of their efficacy as recruitment tools.
Competency-Based Interview: This selection tool has a very comprehensive structure. McLaughlin (in Dayan et al 2008, pg.102) stated that the competency-based interview has a certain degree of rigidity that makes it very precise in matching the applicants skill sets with the prerequisites of the job.
Ellen OMahony, Financial Directions manager, stated that the competency interview is definite when it comes to determining the adequacy of the qualifications appropriate for a specific post. A competency is depicted as the knowledge and skills essential to perform a job; however, individual attributes and attitudes do add up thus making attitudes a critical part of what needs to be assessed. Detailed job analysis is the foundation of a competency interview, leading to a list of job requirements (Dayan et al 2008, pg.102).
Traditional personality tests: These tests are direct to the point, gauging the personality and preferences of the individual. For example, it measures whether the applicant is introverted or extroverted; authoritative or collaborative; a leader or a team player; touchy-feely or cold and so on. These tests help assess key personality traits of the person. To look for consistency, questions are asked repetitively (Taylor 2009, p.35).
The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) is traditional personality test. It is a personality questionnaire that measures deeply rooted and potentially self-destructive predispositions that can be manifested by a person under stress. This questionnaire is extensively used in the UK and internationally across an array of sectors, including financial services, construction, government, IT, airlines, shipping and retail. The HDS emphasizes 11 proven characteristics ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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