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Forenisc Psychology (a view on criminal profiling) - Term Paper Example

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Criminal profiling relates to a behavioral and an investigative technique designed to assist investigators of criminal offenses to come up with accurate prediction and profiling of the various characteristics of unidentified criminal offenders. Other terms used to describe…
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"Forenisc Psychology (a view on criminal profiling)"

Download file to see previous pages The method applies the use of various aspects of the suspect’s personality makeup so as to establish their choices before during or after a criminal activity is done. The information obtained from the criminal profiling is analyzed in combination with other relevant details as well as physical evidence from the crime scene and those of the suspect.
The use of criminal profiling in forensic psychology has been in existence since late 19th century. The tool was first applied by two great physicians namely Thomas Bond and George Philips who applied it in investigating crime scene evidences in the case of British serial killer who was known as Jack the Ripper. The tool extended greatly in the United States and many forensic scientist adopted the technique as a means of investigating criminal activities. Some of the factors that are determined by the forensic scientist in criminal profiling include listing the age of the perpetrators and their sex as to whether they are male or female. The educational level, family background and any psychological problem that they may have shown in the past, is also taken into consideration (Ebisike, 2008, 67). Some of the commonly used evidences in criminal profiling include fingerprints evidence, computer evidence, DNA evidence and the use of hair and fibers.
Fingerprint evidence is the most widely method as fingerprints are unique to each and every person and cannot be altered so as to change ones identity. The technique not only provide evidence of a person’s involvement in a criminal activity but also offers clues on their presence at the scene of crime. DNA evidence can never be altered or confused provided that it is conducted by well-trained forensic scientists who are working freely without any form of interference. DNA evidence presented in a court of law under a criminal case, has to be in a position to be scrutinized by the Crown Prosecution Service as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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