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Analysis of Black Criminal Stereotypes And Racial Profiling Article Authored by Welch - Research Paper Example

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The article under review was authored by Kelly Welch, an assistant professor of sociology, in 2007. The article addresses the issue of racial stereotyping of criminals within American culture. The author notes that racial stereotyping of Blacks as criminals remain pervasive throughout the society…
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Analysis of Black Criminal Stereotypes And Racial Profiling Article Authored by Welch
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Black Criminal Stereotypes And Racial Profiling Article Authored by Welch"

Download file to see previous pages Welch seeks to address the diverse factors contributing to the criminal stereotyping of Blacks since this perception has, unfortunately, availed a rationale for the sorts for racial profiling employed by law enforcement agencies, as well as other criminal justice institutions (Welch, 2007). Welch uses prior research to explore the theoretical elements employed in the development of Black criminal characterization. The author highlights studies on theoretical elements employed in the development of Black criminal characterization. The prior research assumes a weak correspondence between the broadly embraced stereotypes and criminality (Quillian & Pager, 2001).
Questions remain on the guarantee of the accuracy of data collection procedures, and as the information backing the observation may be erroneous. The article on racial profiling can be criticized based on its methods and conclusions. The author does not take into account the conceptual framework employed in the development of Black criminal characterization (Unnever & Gabbidon, 2011). This derives from the fact that different theories may explain racial disparities and problems arise when interpreting findings on racial profiling since the mere presence of disparity within the aggregate statistics does not, itself demonstrate racial bias in the same way that racial disparities within prison populations demonstrate racial bias by sentencing judges (Russell, 2013). 
Welch cites empirical studies on Black and crime to demonstrate that Blacks remain mostly depicted in a negative light such as criminally threatening (Welch, 2007). This implies that can be understood as a crime-specific mode of racial prejudice and discrimination. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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