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Course: Instructor: Review of Week Four Team Learning Assignment Communications from week four learning team assignment were basically addressing the financial instability of the JJJ Company and the recommendations not to acquire the Company by Riordan Company…
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Communiqus from the Week Four Learning Team assignment
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Review of Week Four Team Learning Assignment Communications from week four learning teamassignment were basically addressing the financial instability of the JJJ Company and the recommendations not to acquire the Company by Riordan Company. There were four major communications, with two being from John-the accounting manager, being addressed to the Chief Executive officer of Riordan Company-William and to the Ad hoc committee. These were to inform the CEO about the financial instability of the JJJ Company and reasons why the company was not supposed to be acquired and to give the Ad hoc committee a report on recommendations not to move on with the acquisition. The other two communications were written by Beth, a staff accountant, addressed to Mark-the sales manager and peer staff accountants, where she advises the accounting department on the diligence report of the investigation, and the sales manager about the accounting results of the investigation. Effectiveness of Each Communication The communication addressed to the CEO was effective in such a way that it gave a report in a summary form and a recommendation to the CEO of the Company. Being that the accounting department is charged with the responsibility of evaluating a firm and giving it’s report about its financial position, the department went ahead to employ its professionalism into executing this task on the JJJ Company. Therefore, the effectiveness if this communication relies on the fact that the communicated information originated from the trusted accounting professional in the Company and were addressed to the CEO who also had a background in accounting hence he could understand the terms of this communication. By John, the accounting manager, giving its investigation report to the Ad hoc committee and giving a recommendation not to move on with the acquisition, the communication becomes effective in that the Ad hoc committee is expected to be knowledgeable about interpreting the financial position of a firm since they are required to involve in firm evaluations. Therefore, financial report could be of help to the committee to help them make conclusions about the evaluation. The results of a financial review are normally given in form of financial ratios which are supposed to be interpreted, for one to actually know the financial position of the firm reviewed. By Beth writing to the sales manager, who barely knows anything in accounting, she uses simple terms that a financial layman could understand. This is what brings the effectiveness of the communication rather than if it was presented in the form of financial ration which Mark could have had a hard time interpreting given he was from a History background. In the last communication, Beth addresses the peer accountants about the reports of the diligence investigation. The effectiveness of this communication is seen when the peers are expected to be able to interpret the report as they all are expected to have a background in accounting. For the CEO, the peer accountants and the Ad hoc committee, more elaborate report with balance sheets, income statements and trial balances could have been more appropriate to accompany the recommendation. This is because they are expected to have accounting background, hence would understand the report better by looking at the financial statements of this Company by themselves, unlike the communication to Mark, the Historian. John being a democratic leader with focus on sales and profitability, his leadership qualities makes it easier for him to make good recommendations for the company. Beth, a Laissez faire leader who focuses on policies and procedures, also is guided by her good leadership skills to follow good policies of acquisition hence her decision is trusted. I would recommend that the third communication with the sales manager be more simplified and be in a language suitable for a layman to understand. It is not ethical to disclose the some confidential financial matters of another company without their consent. Therefore, John and Beth needed to be vigilant in this. The communication does not share too much with the audience that can be said is a breach of ethical limitations neither does the communication share too little. The communication only gives enough information that could enable the intended audience to understand the intended message to be passed. While considering the ethical implications, certain confidential financial information about the JJJ Company could not be given to the audience but were useful for the accounting personnel to make their evaluations. Read More
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