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These two color-coded teams derive their names from military antecedents in which the red team is designated as the “attacking team” while the blue team is given the task of defending against a simulated enemy attack. In the context of organizational network security/…
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Week 2 Assignment
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RED AND BLUE TEAMS IN NETWORK SECURITY (Week 2 assignment) ID Number: of of University (affiliation)
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These two color-coded teams derive their names from military antecedents in which the red team is designated as the “attacking team” while the blue team is given the task of defending against a simulated enemy attack. In the context of organizational network security/ information systems, these two teams play a vital part in ensuring that an organizations data remains secure. In essence, this red team – blue team adversarial simulated attacks helps to pinpoint weaknesses in an organizations existing electronic infrastructure by subjecting it to a “war game” situation in which the enemy (Red Team) attempts to hack and infiltrate its information system either to get some valuable data or destroy its enemys data to render it useless and make the enemy incapable of any coherent response. It is an exercise in assessing a capability to respond to an attack.
The Red Team attacks a designated enemys information security systems to test its own capability of carrying out an attack and also to test the ability of the Blue Team to defend against such an attack (Mejia, 2008, para. 2). While merely simulated, there is great value in an exercise like this because it allows both teams and the top management people to think of entire network security and see it in a wholistic manner rather than be bogged down in parochial interests. The Red Team thinks like an outsider and looks for any vulnerabilities they can exploit in the existing information security system infrastructure of their designated target. The Blue Team defending is also benefited because it learns of security holes in the system and becomes alert and vigilant. In a larger sense, the Red Team is more valuable because it can give top management people warning to not be complacent or take things for granted and so any flaws discovered in this exercise must be fixed immediately. This is similar to the white hat versus black hat exercises in which black hats are the hackers and white hats are the defenders (Bokotey et al., 2003, p. 432).
Bokotey, D.. Mason, A. G., & Morrow, R. (2003). CCIE Practical studies: Security. Indianapolis, IN, USA: Pearson Learning.
Mejia, R. (2008, April 27). “Red team, blue team: How to run an effective simulation.” Network World. Retrieved August 14, 2014 from
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