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Virus Detection Software - Research Paper Example

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This is a research paper, which precisely presents appropriate discussions on the issues pertaining to virus detection software from a wide perspective. In terms of discussions, the paper starts by giving a discussion on an architecture of modern computer networks…
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Virus Detection Software
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Download file to see previous pages A computer network, commonly known as a network, is a compilation of hardware apparatus and computers interconnected by channels of communication that have the same opinion to sharing of information and resources. In that case, one procedure in one device is capable to send or receive data to and from at any rate, and a procedure resides in a remote machine, then the two systems are considered to be networked (David, 2006, P.56). In essence, people categorize networks depending on a variety of traits. For instance, the medium employed to transfer the data, protocols of communications used, topology, scale, and organizational scope. Such mechanisms define the architecture of modern computer networks.
Network architecture denotes the design of the network, comprising of the software, hardware, communication protocols, connectivity and form of transmission, for example, wireless or wired. According to research, categorizations of different forms of networks exist according to the regions covered such as MAN, LAN, and WAN (Debashis, 2003, P. 38). There seem to be loads of communication protocols employed in the technology of networking. Consequently, it is considerate to know concerning the modern network architecture as networks play an extremely important position in today's humanity.
In other definition, network architecture denotes the structural layout and logic of the network consisting of equipment of transmission, communication protocols, software, and infrastructure broadcast of statistics and connectivity between components. There are four diverse network topologies. These include ring network, star network, mesh network, and bus network. Such diverse topologies occur in a different fashion defined as Local Area Network, Metropolitan Area Network, and Wide Area Network. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Virus Detection Software Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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