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Learning Assessment Systems Assignments (LASA) - Assignment Example

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Learning Assessment Systems Assignments Name Institution Date Learning Assessment Systems Assignments Class Description This paper presents unit and lesson plans for students of history in eighth grade. The unit which will be described is the Civil Rights Unit which is one of the major units that is taught among students within the social studies…
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Learning Assessment Systems Assignments (LASA)
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Download file to see previous pages The class is composed of an instructor or teacher who facilitates the achievement of unit objectives and the desired learning outcomes. This is achieved through an understanding of the needs of every student within the learning process so that these needs would be met as effectively as possible. This will allow the students to acquire the learning material and use the educational resources for effectiveness in the learning process which is congruent to individual needs. The chart below demonstrates the elements of diversity and the consequent variations or differences which are represented within classrooms. As illustrated on the chart above, there are differences among students in eight grades as defined by the depicted demographics. This means that the instructor must take into consideration these differences in the teaching process. In this regard, there are specific exceptionalities which will be extended to various categories of students especially among those with physical or mental disabilities. These exceptions include the application of a specific teaching methodology which is aimed at ensuring that the unique needs of students within each category are effectively met during the learning process. ...
The various events as postulated by Gagne will represent the procedures which enable the achievement of the desired learning goals and outcomes of the learning process within the unit. Operant conditioning as an effective theoretical framework will be employed in the design of the unit plan. The unit will run for a period of two weeks which means that the goals and the objectives as designed within the unit plan have to be met within this period. Unit Goals 1. Achievement of an understanding and comprehension of the past 2. Ability to interpret and analyze past events 3. Understanding decisions of the past and achieving accuracy in judging them 4. Comprehending the diversity which exist within the society including people, cultures and geographic locations 5. Ability to discuss the ideals which represents the American democratic society Unit Objectives Operant conditioning will be used by the teacher to ensure that the students achieve the learning objectives as effectively and efficiently as possible. Through operant conditioning, students are allowed to determine the gains which they will acquire in achieving specific objectives and the related consequences in failure to achieve these objectives (Shields & Gredler, 2008). Therefore operant conditioning will be employed in this unit to motivate the achievement of the following objectives by the eighth grade students. 1. To provide ground for student participation in puzzles, games and interactive learning as the most effective stimulating activities in gaining knowledge on the civil rights movement. 2. To achieve an ability to recognize the key personalities, places, participants, players and events which were involved in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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