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Training and Development (Secret Service Uniformed and Security Division) - Assignment Example

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The department has more than 1,300 officers today and has the responsibility of ensuring security at the White House Complex. The unit also keeps…
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Training and Development (Secret Service Uniformed and Security Division)
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Download file to see previous pages Officers have the responsibility of provision of additional support to the Secret Services mission using a number of tactics. For instance, the first one is the Counter sniper Support Unit (CS) founded in 1971 (US Secret Service, 2014).
The function of the CS is the provision of specialized protective support that helps to defend against threats that may face the protected parties in the long run. Today CS forms an operational unit of the Protective Division of the president. The Canine Explosives Detection Unit (K-9) established in 1976 is another unit (US Secret Service, 2014). The function of the K-9 unit is the provision of specialized and skilled detection for explosives that may affect the protected persons under their jurisdiction. The third group is called the Emergency Response Team (ERT) founded in 1992. The primary function of ERT is the provision of technical support concerning unlawful intrusion as well as security challenges related to the White House as well as its grounds. ERT personnel undergo advanced, specialized training and must uphold a high standard of operational and physical proficiency. The fourth unit is magnetometers. The Secret Service started depending on magnetometer (metal detector) help by Uniformed Division officers to strengthen its protective attempts away from the White House after the attempted killing of President Ronald Reagan. The Magnetometer Support Units function is to ensure that not all people entering secure areas occupied by people protected by the secret service have weapons
The Special Agent Division forms one of the most elite organizations for law enforcement in the world (US Secret Service, 2014). The group has earned such a reputation for over the 140 years of unparalleled service delivery to the nation. Being among the oldest law enforcement organs of the federal government, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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