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Persuasive memos - Coursework Example

It is my job to make sure that they will never have a place in my company and that the consequences of their actions will be so dire that none of my other employees will want to even try to follow in the footsteps of the disgraced employee. 2. How can a business create a culture that encourages its workers to be ethical? I believe that an ethical workplace can be created by putting rules into place that will force my employees to act in an ethical manner or lose their jobs once they violate it. Being ethical is not something that is inborn in all of us. It is an acquired trait that is brought about by constant exposure to people who choose to do the right thing every time. Therefore, it is up to the people who have ethical minds to help spread that school of thought in the workplace. Doing so will create a fair and just business and work environment where everyone involved will be able to flourish and meet his full potential as a worker. Our company blue book must have a specific section that outlines our company ethics, rules, and guidelines. In no uncertain terms, these ethical guides must be followed by the employees in order to ensure that all of the business dealings of the company are above board and beyond reproach. In today's workplace, it would be very easy to tempt an employee to do the wrong thing. Therefore, their fear of ethical consequences must be greater than their desire to give in to unethical temptations. They need to know that if they are caught, our company will have

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Peer Review
INSTRUCTIONS Read the paper assigned to you twice, once to get an overview of the paper and a second time to provide constructive criticism to the author for use in revising his/her paper. Answer the questions below. 1. What is your favorite aspect of this paper and why?
2 pages (500 words)Coursework
Business Management Assignment
Emotional intelligence can improve with experience and maturity. A few years ago I was faced with a situation at work that tested my emotional intelligence. My supervisor had interviewed me for a promotion, but a rumor surged around the office that the position was going to be filled based on preferential treatment as one of the boss cousin’s was going to get the job.
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Business communication
er of the message is expected to decode the messages he/she received from the sender, receiver of the message is likely to analyze every single gesture and words he/she received from the sender. As a result, receiver of the message develops a first impression with regards to the
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Persuasive Message
While we do everything we can to keep the costs down, the reality is that some procedures or treatments are simply too costly for the average pet-owner either at the moment of an emergency or to
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Persuasive memos
I have learned of a company in Boston named PME which is a public relations and marketing firm run by a 10 regular employee strong workforce. PME is indeed a small scale company but they manage to run their business like a
3 pages (750 words)Coursework
Persuasive memo
Hence my interest in requesting our Advanced Education Department to support my desire in enrolling in the said course through company sponsorship. The aforementioned community
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Assignment 8
On the other hand, American managers are quick in decision making especially resolution or rapid return on investment. Unlike the Japanese managers, American managers use
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Business letter
Before long, I heard a loud banging sound as the boiler exploded thus spilling its content and starting a fire at the dying section of the
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Tutorial 13
Moreover, the tutorial content as explored in the paper remained reflective of the society and positively influenced my life. It is vital to note that tutorial 13 lessons remained authoritative in determining my
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PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE (First unit which is logic)
Moreover, nothing really important ever depends on such arguments. However, when it comes to generating scientific knowledge, a simple mistake in an argument is able to show the wrong direction of a research and this will waste one’s time and resources and bright negative
1 pages (250 words)Coursework
no qualms about pressing charges and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law. 3. Do you think ethics and morality begin at home? Some people ask me if I believe that moral ethics begins at home. I would have to say that yes, I do believe that moral ethics training begins at home. Our parents are our first teachers. Therefore, everything that we are to become in life is because of what we have observed them doing within the confines of our family life. An ethical parent will teach his child to lead an ethical life and will avoid showing him any ill examples pertaining to dealing with people from all walks of life. 4. Explain which guidelines you used in the memo. Also be sure to include why your memo was ethical, using ideas from Cialdini’s article in your paper. I believe that the memo that I wrote for this class is ethical because it practices the Six Caldini Principles of Influence over a person. My essay reminded people that ethics is based upon reciprocity among people. By doing the right thing and paying it forward every time, the people will tend to become more ethical as time goes on. I also made mention of the commitment and consistency that my company will employ when it comes to creating an ethical workplace There will also be social proof of the effectiveness of my business ethics because of the number of people in my office who will manage to be able to imbibe my principles into their daily lives. By also responsibly practicing my authority in the workplace, there will be no question as to how the company and its employees will conduct themselves ethically when dealing with other business
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Persuasive Memo 1. If you were in a corporate culture in which you witnessed cheating, what would you do? I have always believed that it is important for a business leader to lead by example. That is not an act limited to simply making sure that I keep my nose clean in my place of work, but also, that those who work around me also do their part in creating an ethical workplace…
Persuasive memos
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