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However, after careful analysis of the material I managed to identify the mistakes that I had done in the Memo. Moreover, I was able to detect more errors in my previous paper that were pointed out by…
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Review Assignment Reimbursement Memo
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Reflection memo The document here will indicate the mistakes that I made in my previous work. However, after careful analysis of the material I managed to identify the mistakes that I had done in the Memo. Moreover, I was able to detect more errors in my previous paper that were pointed out by my lecturer after the award of marks. His remarks made easy for me to quickly trace the errors and drafted an excellent final document that will come after this page. However, the following are some of the mistakes that I made in the previous work. However, I have corrected the errors and presented a document that is in line with the remarks my supervisor. The errors include the following issues in the below paragraphs.
Persuasiveness in my presentation was not up to the point. That is; I was not able to argue out my presentation to bring out clear meaning. Moreover, my sentences were not correctly connected to thus making it hard for the reader to find the intended meaning of the memo. However, through the remarks from my supervisor, I have managed to correct the errors and ensure that my work quickly brings out the meaning.
Language is another section that brought some mistakes to my previous work. In the last document, I employed vague pronouns thus distorting my primary objective in the document. Moreover, I did not use adequate examples to bring out my points clear. However, with the remarks from my supervisor, I was able to identify the mistake and corrected it immediately. Finally, paragraph segmentation is another section that I made it wrong. In this case, I did not make my paragraphs more objective. However, I have managed to identify the mistake done in the previous work, and I have done the corrections. Therefore, the correction of my work is in the page below.
From: Lisbeth Mendez, Assistant Manager
Cc: Jeff Wehr,
Date 18, 2015
Re: Tuition Reimbursement request
To request for approval for tuition reimbursement of my professional and technical class, ENC 3213
Class information and cost
Florida International University offers the course and its classes run from May 11, 2015 to June 19, 2015. The total cost of the course is $607.13 which is apportioned as follows, online fee $199 and tuition fee $408.13. However, I am well prepared to meet the online price.
Benefits to Pamen shopping center
As an assessment manager, the course will be of much help. That is; by the end of the course, I will have my communication skills. At the managerial position, I will be exposed to more sections that will enhance my communication skills. The skills gained in this post will enable me to write effectively business correspondence such as; Internet memos, emails, and reports. In this section, I will be in a position to go through various written memos and interact with different people thus boosting my communication skills. Therefore, this will help reduce cost and time taken by service agents to clarify the nuclear statements to the clients.
However, having proper communication skills will be of great importance because it will help to deal with multicultural. That is; it will contribute to avoid cultural accidents that might occur while communicating with customers. Avoiding cultural accidents will help me in securing deals with foreign companies and thus boosting the value of my business in the long run. For instance, I can avoid cultural accidents through proper analysis before branding my products for market, therefore avoiding inconvenience that might be caused by the brand name. Moreover, the course teaches persuasive skills like oral communication skills and use of gestures. The skills will be of much help to me in convincing new clients and dealing with difficult customers. As a result, this will contribute to increasing the customer base of the company and thus to increase the sales revenue.
As stipulated in the policy of the organization, reimbursement is possible for a course that impacts service delivery within the organization. However, the tuition reimbursement does not cover online fees. Being an assistant manager, I will stay for a longer period after graduation. Therefore, I am sure that the benefits of the class will outweigh its costs.
Thank you for your attention to this issue. In case of anything, kindly contact me at or (786) 218 7654. Read More
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