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Proposal:Are there some new motivations which have impact on job satisfaction amongst employees of UK Company - Essay Example

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New motivations have emerged the due to the development of society, some, which have an impact on job satisfaction amongst employees of a foreign company in UK. The distinctive employee’s motivation and job satisfaction helps to create unique and dynamic competencies level to…
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Proposal:Are there some new motivations which have impact on job satisfaction amongst employees of UK Company
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Extract of sample "Proposal:Are there some new motivations which have impact on job satisfaction amongst employees of UK Company"

Download file to see previous pages Work-life balance is as essential as employee loyalty in any human resource management process. The connection between work-life and employee loyalty and satisfaction in the workplace is dependent on the HR policies put in effect.
Human resource practices in foreign and local companies have evolved over the years in response to the needs, desires, and preferences of employees. Administrators are charged with providing basic personnel services within the limits of administrative policies related to the employee. The level of employee satisfaction has been a critical factor of production. Firms are faced with the challenge of improving the effectiveness of human capital to sustain competitive advantage. Employees have continued to demand HR practices that increase workplace flexibility to allow them pursue life interests.
Job satisfaction is an important factor in people management because employees are the primary sources of productivity. The loyalty and satisfaction of employees depend on how they feel about their jobs and the extent they want to pursue life interests. Companies are charged with managing the multi-generational workforce and motivating all groups of employees is a real challenge. The corporate landscape has become diverse and feature traditionalists, baby boomers, generation X and Y. Human resource managers must come to terms with the attitudes, expectations, and values that relate to each generation of employees to cultivate motivation and overall job satisfaction. The need for a quality life and the changing family landscape has given rise to a workforce that demands work-life balance in virtually every part of the globe. The duty of foreign companies is to define the aspects of work-life balance and the extent they affect the overall job satisfaction among employees.
Employees have responsibilities and lives outside workplace and a firm that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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