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Academic journal - Literature review Example

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The article selected for this assignment is titled as “Sustaining Work Schedules: Balancing Leisure and Work” which is written by…
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Academic journal review
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Extract of sample "Academic journal"

Download file to see previous pages The core issues discussed in this article are related to the quest of work and leisure balance for an employee. The author discusses how the balance between work lives and personal lives of employees can be maintained in the contemporary world. The author also explains the ways in which work life balance can be maintained in the most proportionate way while at the same time ensuring that the productivity and performance quality of the employees are not compromised with. The key rationale included in the article is that the changing work commitments and lifestyles in the modern day world coupled with other influential external environment factors such as economic, political, social and technological constructs have made it difficult for people to include leisure as a part of their daily life. However, leisure is an important part of life and is necessary to ensure proper physical and mental health of a human being (Taneja, 2013). Keyes and Haidt (2003) also appraise the way in which the author discusses how the inclusion of adequate amounts of leisure activities and maintenance of the most optimum balance between the personal and professional lives can actually lead to higher productivity, engagement and motivation of the employees in their respective job roles (Keyes and Haidt, 2003).
The main purpose of the article was to evaluate the primary and secondary aspects in the domain of work schedule and their impacts on organizations and the employees working in these organizations. The core issues like work leisure conflict, the need and importance of leisure, the solution of work issues in relation to the leisure management, the perspective of time and leisure as commodities and the need for making major changes in the way work and leisure are balanced in any organization are identified and discussed in this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Academic Journal Review Literature Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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