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The reporter states that his grandfather remained his inspiration for a long time, he, therefore, engaged him in this assignment as he sought his views on the prevailing social factors. Born in 1921, he is indeed of a different generation…
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The Work-Family Interface
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Assignment #1
Part 1
My grandfather remained my inspiration for a long time. I therefore engaged him in this assignment as I sought his views on the prevailing social factors. Born in 1921, he is indeed of a different generation and his experiences and life aspiration while growing up are different from mine. Growing up, he explains that his was to become a large-scale farmer and to have a large family that would fill his farm. At the time, farming was among the main economic activity. He therefore went to school and joined college to study course in agriculture. Key among the factors that influenced his choice of lifestyle was the nature of his society. He lived in the rural areas and therefore followed his parents who were farmers too.
He married at the age of seventy and began working in his father’s farm before he obtained his own. He would later inherit his father’s farm at the age of twenty-seven a feature that led to the expansion of his business. My grandfather explains that he knew he would inherit his father’s property some day and did not therefore struggle to develop a business empire of his own. However, once he took over the management of the business he ensured it grew by diversifying the crops and animals in the farm (Sweet 32). He employed more farers and even built some small-scale processing plants to ensure that his produce had the best quality in the region. He had numerous friends and a large family of six children my father being his last-born. He ensured his children received education thereby enabling them to diversify their career aspirations.
Part 2
I was born nearly seventy years later and in a different setting. I live with my parents in New York where I study and have all my friends. This implies that my life and experiences are different from those of my grandfather. The features of our societies differ thereby influencing our aspirations. I enjoy technology and business. I spend most of my time experimenting and studying new technologies especially information technologies. I enjoy computer programing and has therefore created numerous programs including games and database management programs. Besides technology, I love soccer. I have numerous friends with whom we meet often to watch soccer besides engaging in other part time activities.
I aspire to study and advance my interests in information technology. Furthermore, I aspire to set up a business that deals in the manufacture and sale of computer accessories and programs. Technology is a fundamental aspect of society. The internet among other information and communication technologies has revolutionized the world thereby succeeding in creating a global village. This implies that contemporary commercial organizations have reliable ways of expanding their reach in the market and therefore higher prospects of becoming profitable. I interact with my friends and build networks through the existing social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter a of which were absent during the times of my grandfather. I will further my education and grow my knowledge in information technology and business management thereby learning appropriate ways of managing contemporary businesses.
Work cited
Sweet, Stephen A. The Work-Family Interface: An Introductions. Los Angeles: SAGE, 2014. Print. Read More
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(The Work-Family Interface Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 12)
The Work-Family Interface Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 12.
“The Work-Family Interface Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 12”, n.d.
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