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The family Bill of Rights aims to correct the various negative occurrences and flaws in a family setup by pointing out fundamental and civil liberties. This setup offers both the children and their parents’ guidelines upon which each executes their diverse roles. By doing so,…
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Question two The family Bill of Rights aims to correct the various negative occurrences and flaws in a family setup by pointing out fundamental and civil liberties. This setup offers both the children and their parents’ guidelines upon which each executes their diverse roles. By doing so, the process uncovers critical imperfections in the arrangements that weigh down, estrange, and keep out family units from the conduct of an inclusive entity. A family Bill of Rights ought to encompass various entities; the right to participation, right to dignity and respect, right to affordable healthcare, right to quality education, right to inclusivity, right to excellent working conditions et al (Stone et al 48). The Bill of Rights entails fundamental viewpoints as an interior attitude alteration. The attitudes entailed in this mode of Bill of Rights outline our daily resolutions hence ruling our individuality and clarifying our rights as admirable, decorous values, hence in the process getting rid of imprecise viewpoints. However, the model should be modified to entail occurrences that happen due to various changes generally.
Question three
Worker’s Bill of Rights comprises the diverse aspects that make sure that employees are treated in the right way. The entire regulations alienated in this module ensure that employees are not exploited or unfairly treated in their duties to execute work. Universally, employers should respect every worker – basic rights as a human being take precedence. In this regard, all the labor policies that aim to develop the relationship between an employer and the workforce ought to be implemented for the long-term goal. Equal treatment, fair working conditions, sensible salary and remuneration scales, as well as considerate process form the core upon which workers in the entire world ought to be treated through (Lahey 71). Despite these aspects being universally accepted, other elements are not recognized by some entities. For instance, some cultures would not accept the input of diverse genders in certain fields, while others would dispute the duration of work and the input of certain racial orientations. This heavily impinges on the collective operations as regards workers.
Question four
The two settings – work and family, ought to be factored in when coming up with any model for both given that they are intertwined for the better good of the society. However, the two entities seem to be far apart as the variation between both as regard Bill of Rights is visible. Most families face a deficit of time and cash for care, whilst occupations divide workers into those with elevated pay, remuneration, but extended hours and slight time for spare time, along with those with squat earnings, hardly any benefits, and inadequate flexibility along with monetary possessions to take care of their family units. This yields an unbalanced situation between the work related instances and the family setup. Socially, those in the better job scales have a tendency to treat those with lower salaries along with their families in a negative way (Kuschel 113). Collectively, the family-worker Bill of Rights ought to be relevant to all irrespective of sexual category, race, customs, age, religious conviction, sexual orientation, matrimonial and disability status.
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