Current Problems With Migrant Workers - Essay Example

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The growing pace of globalization has created more migrant workers than ever before. Globalization, liberalization and privatization like modern economic principles gave momentum to the migration activities. …
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Current Problems With Migrant Workers
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Download file to see previous pages In simple terms, migration can be defined as the process of the movement of people from one place to another occurs for better living prospects or job opportunities. Migration usually occurs internally and externally. In other words, migration cane takes place within the boundaries of the country and also between different countries. Globalization, liberalization and privatization like modern economic principles gave momentum to the migration activities. Countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc have excessive labor forces and lesser job opportunities whereas countries or regions such as America, Europe, Middle East have excessive job opportunities and lesser manpower. In order to keep a balance between the number of labor force and the number of opportunities, countries often encourage migration activities. Even though migration is a kind of fortune exploration, it is not necessary that all the migrants may get better fortunes because of migration. In fact migrant workers are facing lot of personal, social and family problems in their workplace which is situated in locations other than their native places. In most of the cases, workers are usually comfortable in working near their native places because of their better awareness about the local culture and working environment. However, migrant workers forced to work in entirely new places which could be extremely different; socially, linguistically, legally, politically and economically from their native places. All these parameters can create huge problems to the migrant workers and their families. This paper analyses the current problems facing by migrant workers and the possible solutions for this problem. Current problems with migrant workers The latest changes in the UK government's managed migration policy with the introduction of a new Points-Based System have been recognized as privileging White European economic migrant workers - including those from Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries - at the expense of low-skilled (non-White) workers from outside of the European Union (Pemberton & Stevens, 2010, p.1289). Europe is a region which is facing severe manpower shortage virtually in all the critical areas of employment. People from all over the world are currently working at different parts of Europe. For example, in majority of the European hospitals, a substantial portion of the working nurses are from Asian countries. Since the integration of European countries is currently taking place though European Union, many European countries have implemented different labour laws for different people. In other words, labour laws for White European economic migrant workers are entirely different from the labour laws for black people. In other words, racial discrimination in the form of labour discrimination is still prevailing in many of the European countries. The case of America is also not much different. Violence against the migrant workers are growing everywhere in the world. It should be noted that people from developed countries are reluctant in accepting professions which requires hard labour. On the other hand workers from poor countries are ready to accept hard labour. Thus skilled labour shortage is one of the major problems facing by the developed countries. In America, Europe and Middle East, most of the workers working in the construction industry are from India and Pakistan. Because of the shortage of domestically available constructions workers and the huge demands for construction works, developed countries are recruiting bulk volumes of skilled workers from underdeveloped countries. Migration of workers in large volumes is causing demographic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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