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The United States needs to improve on the healthcare industry. The paper "Healthcare Industry in the USA" demonstrates that the physicians per capita in the United States were much lower than in France. The life expectancy is almost similar in the developed countries…
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Healthcare Industry in the USA
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[Teacher’s In comparison to other western countries, the United s needs to improve on many aspects. One of the main sectors where the United States is lacking is the healthcare industry. The expenses and availability of healthcare in the United States are inferior to the services offered in France. The physicians per capita in the United States were much lower than in France and in other developed countries. In U.S the average number of physicians per capita is 2.4 in comparison to the average in OECD countries which is 3.1 (The Worldbank, n.p). The average income in the United States was slightly higher despite the fact that living expenses are cheaper than in France. Specifically, consumer prices were approximately 20% more in France than in America. The United States also had a better unemployment rate than France. In France the unemployment rate is 10,4% in comparison to the United States which is 5,9% (The Worldbank, n.p). The life expectancy is almost similar in the developed countries and the well being of the children is also good.
In comparison with a developing country, the United States is superior in development and well being. These factors are testified by the lower unemployment rate as well as higher income per capita. The United States also has a much longer life expectancy than in the developing countries. The higher life expectancy can be attributed to the better well being of individuals in the US, as well as the medical services. The United States has more physicians per capita and better facilities than the developing countries.
Similarities in between the United States and other developed countries include the level of well being is roughly similar. As mentioned above, the differences exist in the access to healthcare and affordability of these services. The developed countries all have a life expectancy above seventy five years. In the United States and the European countries there are low numbers of infant mortality and every child has access to an educational facility. There are also less numbers of birth complications in these countries affecting both the mother and the child. The countries also have a higher rate of female employment as compared to the developing countries.
The developed and developing countries are diverging and this can be attributed to many factors. Firstly, the life expectancy of the developing countries is low and the majority of individuals die at working age as the life expectancy in these countries is below 60 years. Hence, the countries become less productive due to the diminished labor force. The problem is further intensified by the fact that the developing countries suffer a severe brain drain due to the loss of professional to a more attractive European market. Furthermore, the European countries continue to improve their life expectancy due to provision of better health facilities, whilst the developing countries cannot afford to make these reforms. Hence, the countries will continue to diverge unless the developing countries make significant reforms in their policies. However, even then, it will take years before the countries converge.
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