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Critical Literature Review: Individual Briefing Report - Essay Example

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The work life balance has been approached through a win-lose angle as the limited time in each individual’s life has multiple things assigned thus making it a conflict to manage them at any given time. Work family balance is the development of a positive approach to the…
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Critical Literature Review: Individual Briefing Report
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Extract of sample "Critical Literature Review: Individual Briefing Report"

Download file to see previous pages There is therefore competing demands for employees to address the need to deliver at work yet different conflicting roles at home also waits. An employee that attempts to address the competing demands within the conflicting traditional workplace where separation of work and family is eminent experiences a greater degree of work-family role conflict (Skinner & Pocock, 2008).
According to Greenhaus and Powell (2006), work-family conflict is an inter-role conflict created by the incompatibility of work and family roles as both are competing for the time and energy of the individual. They explained that the conflict in work and conflict emanates from the inflexible job and the desire for the employees to take care of their families at the same time. Women have a traditional role of caregiving and this is more present in women with families who need to address to the different needs of their children and husband.
Work-family conflict therefore affects their overall satisfaction to a greater extent as compared to their male counterparts though men are also affected by the work-family conflict. For example, parents have been forced to work overtime on certain assignments on days when they are expected to attend their children’s parents’ day. This is an example of a time based work to family conflict while failing to show up at work due to the failure of a baby sitter to turn up is considered as time based family-to-work conflict. Other conflicts arose for example when a worker is unable to work due to fatigue associated with an overnight stay in hospital with a spouse (Skinner & Pocock, 2008).
This is considered as energy based family to work conflict which affects the ability of the employee to deliver and engage in constructive assignments without being distracted. The promotion of better energy allocation at the workplace should be done to ensure that the conflicts associated with work ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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